Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test to change from Jan 2018

Health safety and environment test changes
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Yes! CITB is going to phase in changes in HS&E Test beginning 2018. Before you act surprised or curious, worried even for changes are seldom comforting, here is a tell-all guide to calm your nerves and prepare you for the changes.

The changes will occur in installment with first phase starting from 8 January 2018. The content of the questions will not change, only the style – the way questions are presented – will to some degree.

The industry has changed a lot since the current structure of tests began. The upcoming changes will just reflect the changes in industry – job roles, tasks and situations.

How many phases are there and what do they bring with them
There are 4 phases. Have a look at when they begin and what changes they bring:

8 January 2018: The content of the questions will not change, only the style will to some degree.

• Multiple-choice with images (these question styles already exist, but more are being introduced)
• Drag and drop with text.

3 April 2018 – 2018 editions of the revision materials will be released. It will incorporate all the changes – present as well as upcoming – helping candidates to prepare for their test.

1 June 2018 – Fresh question-content will be added and further new question-styles will be introduced.

• Drag and drop with images
• Hot spot
• Hot area

3 June 2019 – A review of the test topic areas will be carried out to check the questions remain relevant. Review of Test structure, new questions and new question styles will also be carried out.

• Drag and drop paragraph text
• Drag and drop ordering

Can I prepare for the test using old revision materials?
For tests prior to June 2018, YES! Like we said earlier, only the question-style will change for that period. To help you with style change, you will be given a tutorial at the beginning of your HS&E test.

So I need updated revision materials to prepare for tests scheduled beginning June 2018?

What about materials already purchased in 2017?
You’ll get to update the 2017 edition of digital revision materials – App, DVD and downloads – from 1 November 2017.

• App: The iOS and Android operating systems will automatically notify users that an update is available
• Download: Users will be prompted to update the revision material. Just download and install it.
• DVD: Just run the DVD in the system and you’ll be notified of a pending update. Needless to say, you need
internet to download and install the new version.

What about the revision book?
You have to buy a new one. All revision materials (digital or the book) will be updated and available to purchase from April 2018 onwards.

Will there be any change in the way I book the Test?
No. You will continue to book it the way you do now.

Will there be changes in number of questions asked or time allotted?

Not before 1 June 2018 at least. The tests will continue to have 50 questions and 45 minutes of duration till then. As for change in number of questions and duration of the test beginning June 1, 2018; it’s subject to CITB review. Let’s see what happens. Worry not. We’ll keep you posted.
Last but not the least, are the changes meant for all 3 CITB Tests (for Operative, Specialist and Manager)?
Yes! Everything mentioned here apply to all the 3 CITB Tests.


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