Latest Construction Technologies which are Changing the World for a Better Future

Latest Construction Technologies which are Changing the World for a Better Future
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With the ever-growing population, comes increase demand for food, increase demand of construction jobs and other resources. With this increase in demands, our resources are constantly being depleted and a time will come when we will exhaust all our resources and once again find ourselves in the stone-age. Already, we are being victims of global climate change.


To address these problems, various construction technologies are being made to make our futures look less bleak. Various different tradesman jobshave taken it upon themselves to improve the lifestyle of people. And, only the best tradesman jobs have successfully come up with ideas to truly benefit the earth.


Innovative ideas that can change the world-


  • Bamboo cities- Bamboos are undermined and mostly considered as an important cosmetic add-on to increase the aesthetic value of a product. However, it is an incredible resource for construction purposes for the simple reason that it is stronger than steel and is fast growing. This idea perpetuates the idea of a sustainable, eco-friendly and a cost-effective means of living. Furthermore, bamboo structures can easily be disassembled and be reused.


  • Aerogel insulation- Aerogel is made by removing the liquid component of a gel and replacing with gas. This renders it extremely light-weight as it is mainly composed of air. It is used in pipeline insulation and was even installed in the Mars Rover. Despite its lightweight it is two to four times more effective than the conventional insulation. 


  • Cable-less multidirectional elevators- With big building the problems of efficiently of going around from one place to another comes. Typically, an elevator shaft contains only one car and here, arises another problem of waiting for the car to arrive. To remedy this, an idea was proposed where elevators will be able to move both vertically and horizontally using magnetic levitation.


  • Solar paint– Major drawback of solar panels is that they are huge and not efficient enough. To remedy this, solar cells which are small and flexible can be painted on any surface. This would minimise manual construction work too and decreased reliance on non-renewable sources of energy.


  • Road printer- 3D printing is gradually gaining popularity. Using this similar idea, instead of paving roads, roads can now be printed. This shortens manual labour to a great extent. 


  • Smart concrete- common problem faced by many areas is the lack of a proper water drainage system. To tackle this, smart concrete allows water to be absorbed into the ground and routed to an underground sewer system or a water reservoir. This greatly reduces the chances of flooding.


  • Smart bricks- this idea is based on Lego toys. Each brick fits into each other like pieces of Lego. Instead of requiring cement as an adhesive, rebar is used to keep the bricks in place. These help in reducing construction costs by a hefty margin.



With the current state of affairs, doomsday seems imminent. However, with the advent of such construction technologies which are cost-effective and eco-friendly the future of tradesman jobs seems a whole lot brighter!


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