Home Extension Ideas

Home Extension Ideas
Home Improvement & Decoration

Home extensions are a popular method of increasing space and adding value to the property. But if a person is planning on extending their home, they need to have ample knowledge regarding the criteria they need to fulfil and the house extension costs associated in order to ensure the success of the project before actually carrying on with it. Most importantly, they need solid house extension ideas which are discussed here.

Reconfiguration of Existing Rooms

Other than adding new space, reconfiguration of an existing room is a good way to create an ideal layout in the respect to views, garden access and improvement of privacy. By adding or removing walls, one can get more space and can merge any new extensions with it.

Style Statement

There are two ways one can go about the style. One can opt for a contrasting but complementary style or make it such that it seems the extension has always been there. The former is simpler to pull off. But if the latter is chosen it must be made sure that the key elements are copied perfectly or the entire thing will look wrong.

Greenhouse and Sun rooms

Small greenhouses do not require planning permission and are not part of building restrictions. They are also quite cheap to build. Thus they are one of the most popular forms of home extensions. However, they can be quite difficult to maintain. A quite popular alternative is to build a sunroom, an extension with a huge area of glazing and an insulated roof and wall.

Building Storeys

Building up is a good way to ensure hike in the value of money with the extension. One can build an extra storey such as a garage over an existing building.

Glazed Walkaway

It may be difficult to match the style of the extensions with that of the existing building. There is nothing to fret about because there is actually an easy solution to that. One can create an entirely new building in the provided space and join the two building by a glazed link. The walkway can also be made by glass, reducing its visual impact and leaving the original building’s character unaltered.

Tall and Vaulted Ceilings

Tall ceilings bring about a change in how the room feels. It makes the room feel more spacious. An extension paves way for this feature either by building up or by lowering the floor level. If the roof is pitched, there will be an option to build a vaulted ceiling which is open to the ridge.

Energy-Efficient Fuel

As the importance of energy efficiency is becoming more and more important everyday people are opting out of open chimney flues or air vent. Instead, gas fires which require no chimney or flue are being used. 100% energy efficient, it produces only water and carbon dioxide. Designs are both in forms of traditional fireplaces and stoves and in form of the modern hole in walls.

Costs, space, type of building are all important aspects that are needed to be taken into consideration before choosing the extension design.  Once the type of extension has been chosen, the person finally can go to find local tradesmen in London and get on with it.

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