Home Maintenance Checklists for all Seasons

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Home Maintenance Checklists for all Seasons
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When people are buying a home, they keep on worrying about the finances and the loan that they would be incurred on account of investing in a property. But what most people do not realize is that finances would get sorted out and with time the money that you might have borrowed would get repaid. The most tedious and the most cumbersome affair when you buy a house are to maintain it in the new state. It requires immense effort, both physical as well as mental, to keep the house in a good condition. Again, it is not only about keeping the house clean; it is also about tackling all the specific problems that occur due to the changes in seasons. There are a few checklist points that are suggested by almost all home builders. Following these would certainly help you in maintaining your house throughout the year. The points are as follows:

  1. Safety comes first: yes, you are absolutely correct. Safety should always be your first priority. Every month, you should check your fire extinguishers and see if they working properly or not. A little sincerity and carefulness on your part would ensure that your house stays away from any kind of accident.
  1. Check the kitchen sinks and disposal points: keeping the house free of any kind of dirt is a primary step in maintaining a hygienic atmosphere in the house. In order to keep the houses free of any kind of bad smell or disease-causing microorganisms, the most important is to keep the kitchen sink functional. There should not be any kind of water accumulation. Always make it a point to ask for sink cleaners from the home builders.

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  1. Bathe your house occasionally: This is very essential to keep any kind of pests away from the home. This is one of the important suggestions that are always given by the builders whenever you buy the houses from them. After washing the entire house, do not forget to paint it.
  1. Clean weep holes in sliding window: this is yet another important aspect of the house. To drain away the rainwater, weep holes are made in the sliding windows. Sometimes, these holes get plugged with debris, so clean it to avoid rainwater entry inside your house.
  1. Clean exhaust fan filter of the kitchen: For proper functioning of your kitchen exhaust fan, clean it at least once in a year. If required, get them repaired as soon as possible.
  1. Check the toilets and the flush there: A clogged toilet is the last thing that you need in the house. So, keep a check on the toilets and the functioning of the flush. A poorly functioning flush could lead to leaking of water. This could adverse damage the building.
  1. Fix broken pavement on outdoor surfaces including stairs: It is very important that you fix the broken stairs of your house at least once a year as it can cause serious damage to the very structure of the building.

Apart from these few basic tips that would be handy throughout the year, there are also some other ideas that are given by many of the recommended home builders like maintaining a proper garden and garage. Following these would definitely improve your stay at the house in multiple ways.

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