How can you trust a local tradesman?

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Becoming a tradesman that is trusted in your local area requires an abundance of time, skill and effort. This is the only way forward if you are wanting to achiever a profitable and sustainable career where you are involved in large-scale construction projects, as well as other smaller tradesmen jobs.

A great way to avoid disappointments is to speak to your friends and family. Most people, among their families or friends have recommended tradesmen that they have dealt with in the past. To hear a job well done from a person you know is the best form of advertisement for a tradesman. So remember, you should always first ask your friends and acquaintances if they can recommend a reliable specialist.

How to find best tradesmen

A tradesman offering a very low price for their services should be suspicious. Of course, everyone would like to find a tradesman at a reasonable price, however, it is worth considering what the surprisingly low rate comes from. In some cases, the rationale will be simple: skilled professionals will certainly have higher rates than a so-called handymen. Unfortunately, as a rule, qualified tradesmen highly value their services, so too low a price should raise some questions.

Be careful if a builder who claims that he can perform all the work from plumbing, laying tiles and ending with the installation of electrical equipment, it is worth considering his competence. Moreover, improperly installed electrical wiring can pose a great danger, which may even result in a fire. Therefore, it is better to entrust such tasks to a qualified plumber and electrician than to the so-called “jack of all trades”.

Willingness to get started immediately should also raise alarm. Despite the fact that the number of specialists involved in the implementation of repair work is increasing, there are not so many real professionals. A well-reputed master will have a lot of work, so a short waiting period sounds suspicious.

You can trust a tradesman who

  • is a member of a Trade Association, such as Federation of Master Builders (FMB) or the National House Builders Council (NHBC)
  • holds a valid CSCS, CPCS card or has completed a construction NVQ
  • has a current insurance certificate which covers everything including employer’s liability and public liability
  • is registered for VAT, meaning he has lots of work done
  • willing to answer all your questions and provide a detailed quote
  • who has good past experience and reviews
  • who is recommended by homeowners

Finally, get everything in writing – contract is a must!

The contract includes the requirements for the finished object, the final estimate, cases when the team has the right to deviate from the existing and approved plan, the timing of construction work, schedule of payments and much more. All these points in the contract are mutually signed by all parties which will make your cooperation with the construction team calm and smooth. Also, the contract is a guarantee that the final result of the construction project will fully satisfy all project participants.

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