How Focus on Health and Safety can Get You More out of Your Workforce

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Managing Workforce

Distractions hamper productivity, especially if they are related to your safety. It’s no fun plastering when you are worried about the slippery ladder in the same way as it’s difficult to focus working on scaffolding when there is nothing to protect from falls.

Safety at workplace is paramount and non-negotiable. After all, we work to improve our life and not to impair it.

A construction site with good health and safety regime is so much more efficient than ones without it. Let me explain why:

  • Workforce are qualified and efficient: CSCS Card is how we ensure a proper health and safety regime at sites and to get one you have to prove your qualification and competence in your trade. Since you can’t work in construction without this card, you either gain required qualification or sit at home. By weeding out unqualified – and thus inefficient – workforce from site, we make it more productive.
  • Reduce loss of productivity due to sickness/injury: Close to 1.7 million working days were lost in 2014-15 owing to site-related sickness/injury. Loss of productivity result into delays and cost overruns. On-site injuries also dampen the morale of the workforce leading to inefficiency or migration to other companies. A site seeped in health and safety can avoid such losses.
  • Good for well-being of both workers and companies: Workers can avoid “loss of income” and a “high medical cost” by being safe while company can dodge prosecution, bad press, decline in production and loss of revenue. A well-off company boosts the confidence of workers and confident workers raise the fortunes of company. It’s a win-win situation for both.
  • Projects get completed on budget and time: With rise in CSCS Card adoption, more construction projects are being completed within allotted time and budget. In 2015 itself, a historic 64% of construction projects were completed on budget while a record 40% were over on time. Respecting the budget and deadline add to the reputation – and coffers – of both company and workers.
  • It cultivates confidence and loyalty in workforce: Workers care for companies that care for their health and safety. Proper health and safety system makes workers loyal to and more efficient for company.

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