How Much Does a Chimney Sweep Cost?

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Chimney Sweep Cost
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Chimneys hold a great importance in any household. Providing a clear passage for the gasses, chimneys save your house from potential dangers and also keep the performance of the appliances efficient. However, all these benefits depend on the cleanliness of the chimneys in your home. A chimney sweep service becomes a reliable choice to avoid blockages. For that chimney sweep cost should not value much.

The frequency of sweeping work in your chimney depends on the type of fuel and the appliances you have. However, the experts suggest at least one chimney sweep annually to avoid any long-term damages. The chimney sweep cost is decided by various factors. But, you can expect this cost around £40 to £80. But remember that this is just an average value. You require a professional sweeper who can examine your chimney and provide a clear cost idea. Here are all the cost factors you need to add:

1. The selected sweeper: Choose the best sweeper considering their skill

The chimney cleaning cost changes from sweeper to sweeper. Different professionals provide different price rates for chimney cleaning. However, it is always wise to find a balance between price and skill when choosing a professional for the job. Select a sweeper who understands the type of gas or fuel you use. He should also have the proper gear to manage the cleaning work on his own. Find all these properties with a reasonable price range. This is how you will get a satisfactory result with chimney cleaning.

2. Type of chimney and appliances

  • A professional evaluates the type of chimney you have.
  • Plus, he can check the appliances you have and the fuel that you use while using those appliances. The fuel and the appliance inspection provide information about the fumes that go through the chimney. And that helps in understanding the cleaning requirements too.
  • Along with that, the size of the chimney matters too. The size tells about the access during the cleaning job. The difficult access to the chimney can cost you a little extra.

3. Last cleaning job: Budget of cleaning increases with the gap
The gap from the last cleaning also matters when you are calculating the cost. For instance, a chimney that was cleaned a year ago will cost less than the one that was cleaned 2 years ago. So, you can expect a little extra amount if you haven’t cleaned your chimney for a long time.

4. The availability of discounts: Reduce chimney sweep cost

Discounts can be another important factor in deciding your chimney cleaning cost. There are various medium and large service providers available. They offer you discounts on getting multiple services along with chimney cleaning. You can leverage such opportunities as well and reduce the cost of the cleaning job in your home.

Chimney cleaning is a job which you can’t ignore for long. In fact, regular cleaning is the best way to keep the maintenance cost under control. So, it is logical to find the right cleaning service to keep the cost low. So, make sure you do your research on the market and combine your cleaning work with chimney repair to get better price value.

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