How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Surface

Right Paint for Your Surface
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The type of paint is chosen depending on the type of surface you want to paint. A proper paint job can protect the assets from the daily wear and tear. To get the job done, you will need some specific tools too.

Type of paints based on surface

As per the type of surface, you will have to choose a particular type of paint to come up with a fruitful outcome.

1. Brick

In this case, use a latex primer first. After the primer dries out, apply a top-quality latex paint. It is better to use a nap roller to cover the major surfaces and a brush for the crevices, edges and corners.

2. Porcelain and ceramic tile

Use acrylic primer and then finish the job with an acrylic interior paint. You can also go for a contrasting color for the grout region for a great pattern. Avoid the surfaces that tolerate a high volume of abrasion or footfall.

3. Concrete slabs

Find the ideal primers and paints formulated for concrete slabs with the aid of skilled painters and decorators.

4.Concrete blocks

The concrete blocks can be painted using acrylic latex paint after you have coated with a latex primer.

5. Drywall

In this case, also, you can use a latex primer and then an acrylic latex paint. If the drywall is already painted then cover the marks and blotches using a stain-blocking primer and then use an acrylic latex paint.

6. Fiberglass

For exterior doors, use an acrylic latex primer, let it dry and then apply two coats of a high-quality latex paint specifically designed for the exterior application. For fiberglass showers and tubs, use an auto primer, sand it,     remove the dust properly and then use a polyurethane automotive paint.

7. Cabinet faces and laminated countertops

In this case, you will need a primer designed for non-porous surfaces. Apply two coats using acrylic latex enamel.

8. Fiber cement

The paints used in this case are specifically made for the cement surfaces. Apply a primer first.

9. Metal

For metallic surfaces, you can go with the exterior-grade paint and primer.

10. Wood

Coat it with a stain-blocking formula of primer. Use an oil-based paint or a latex paint.

Types of finishes you should know

The certified painters and decorators provide a proper knowledge regarding the type of finishes for the paint job. You can choose from the suggested types and come up with a great finish.

1. Flat or matte

It provides a softer appearance with a glare-free appearance. It is also used to hide minor irregularities on the surface.

2. Satin

It offers a soft finish with a semi-gloss appearance. It is good for the walls of high traffic zones in your house.

3. Semi-gloss

This finish is used for windowsills, trims, doors, bathrooms, and kitchen. The surface is washable and can resist moisture.

4. High Gloss

It offers a highly reflective touch to the surface. Use it on new surfaces as it will highlight the faults. It can  resist moisture and grease very easily.

If you want to avail special effects on your walls and other desired surfaces, you can seek the service from the professional painters and decorators in London.

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