How to Deal with Labour Unrest in a Construction Firm?

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Labour unrest is the one thing that every company, including Construction firms, would like to keep miles away from. However the truth is it does occur. And when it does, it can lead to immense implications on the revenue and running of the company. So it is vital that management and CEO of the company take wise and measured decision keeping in view the benefit of both employees and the employer. The one thing to remember is that the employees are the core to having a successful Construction company. Employees who are happy within a job are much more likely to have job satisfaction and hence exceed their potential and do a better job.

These are just a few strategic ways to deal with unrest in a Construction firm:

1) Listening to employees concerns

 There can be various factors why employees can go on strike, so you must understand what exactly the issue is. Is it the pay they are disappointed with, maybe it has to do something with the working conditions, or perhaps they are concerned about the job prospect? Whatever is it, get to the root cause of the unrest. Once the cause has been established, come up with the best plan and proposal to address it.

2) Take some time to plan a proposal

Hasty decisions can have a long term implications – mostly negative – for construction firms. They can negatively impact both the running of the company and financial implications. Hence, it is important to listen to employees and then explain that you need some time to address the problem. Also, give them a timeline in which they will receive an answer. In this way, they will feel that they have a say in the company and that their concerns are taken seriously.

3) Put in place a labour strategy

By putting in place a plan, you can significantly reduce the risk of strikes and labour unrest from occurring. This can include having regular reviews with the employees for any concerns they may have. Also, you should review workers’ performances regularly; praising those who deserve and guiding those who need that. This will give employees a feeling of self worth. Another very effective way to have job satisfaction for employees is by having incentives in place, which motivates staff to work much harder. 

4) Put in place a HR team

It’s a well-established way of dealing with labour unrest and reduces the risk of it happening again. The HR team can work closely with employees to manage administrative stuffs in addition to a whole lot of other things. If a large number of employees are relocating or leaving, this team can put in place a system either to stem the exodus or to quickly replace those workers.

To sum it up, taking care of staffs’ concerns and well-being, finding quick solutions to their problems, are keys to prevent strikes. The one thing to remember is that employees are like the foundation of a building. If the foundation is weak the building is sure to collapse.

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