How to Hire Trainees or Apprentices for Construction Companies

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How to Hire Trainees or Apprentices for Construction Company
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Running a construction business can be very profitable. But to really prosper you need good to have good employees who are skilful, efficient, and thoroughly dedicated to their work. There are many construction companies and competition is tough with only a few construction companies in the UK having made it to the top. This is partly because of their superb workforce which helps them rise to the top. Let us look at some of the ways you can hire the best trainees:

1. Job Description

It is important that you clearly describe the job so that it is easy for potential candidates to understand. Often people lose out on people because of a poor job description. List the duties, the working hours, the expected remuneration, the holidays, etc. Keep the language simple and understandable.

2. Encourage the candidates

Encourage the candidates to apply! Promote your company. Highlight on the key aspects like your care for the employees perks and bonuses, the successful ventures of the past to instil confidence. You should have provisions for future development, career progress and on going training and potential promotional pathways in the job requirements. Nobody wants to join a business if there is no scope for promotion in the future.

3. Advertise

To reach out to the right candidates you need to advertise in the right places. Tap into social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin,  Twitter, Google+, etc. Almost everyone is one social media or another. So, they are bound to come across your company.  You are trying to attract the young minds that are energetic, ambitious and willing to work that extra bit which can take your business to a new level.

4. In-Depth Interviews

You need the best people working for you in your construction business. All the construction agencies which have prospered have one thing in common – they only choose the elite to work for them. One of the most basic ways to assure this is to hold a series of interviews, review their applications and check if they are fit to handle the latest equipment as it crucial for them to be acquainted with the latest technologies. Trainees with previous work experience are obviously a much better option. Teamwork is an essential criterion for success in this type of business and nobody wants to work alongside someone who is very unsocial and hostile.

5. Give them a trial run

Do not go into contracts and bonds immediately after recruiting someone. Define a suitable trial period for them during which they will be closely monitored. This is a very effective screening procedure. You can observe and assess if they are fit for the job. Make sure that you pay them during this period. Otherwise many candidates might back out. Only make the trainees permanent if you deem fit after this trial run.

A construction business is not easy to run. But with a little bit of hard work and research and investing sufficient time into hiring new trainees is crucial because your business depends heavily on them. The more efficient your employees are, the more profit you will make.

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