How to Improve Water Heater Efficiency Using Tank Booster

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Do you need to boost the capacity of your small water heater tank? Do you need hot water quicker and more in quantity? The ideal way to get a better service from the previous water heater is by installing a tank booster. Tank booster installation is highly advantageous for a household. This utility will save a lot of money you would have wasted on remodelling the plumbing facilities. A tank booster can be of immense help when you are not in the position to afford a renovating venture.

The installation of this efficient machine with the aid of a certified heating engineer will provide ample advantages.

  • It can be installed within an hour and does not need a major change in the plumbing system.
  • Most of the designs are compatible with the current plumbing utilities used in the household.
  • You will save a huge amount of space too as the machine is small in size. Imagine how much space you had to spare for a new bigger heating tank. The small device will make it happen at the minimum expenses possible.
  • You will not have to spend money and can save a lot of energy in the long run. Installing a tank booster is always a win-win situation.
  • Improves water heater efficiency
  • No more scalding

The mode of operation of this miracle item is quite simple. The tank booster will mix normal or cold water via the input valve with the heated water flow. The hot water is coming out from the respective valve. Before it comes out of the tap, it will be mixed with normal water partially so that the acquired temperature of the water is 120 F, not 140 F.

This concept clearly saves ample hot water in your tank which can be used again. If you had used the hot water only, the tank would have emptied. The addition of cold water will also provide a temperature compatible with your skin. The current machines are made as per the new efficiency standards and regulations set by the authority.

Though the temperature of the stored water can be controlled, the hot water when used directly can cause scalding. If you set the temperature of the tank to 140 F, one can suffer from burns when exposed to the water directly. The heating engineer provides the right tank booster as per your need to make sure that your family members are safe from hot water burns.

Apart from the excellent advantages, this booster is very easy to install. It is highly recommended to seek a professional help from a heating engineer while installing it. The machine can be installed within an hour. The plumbers often use this machine to provide ample advantages to their clients.

Seek a skilled heating engineer to get the right version of a tank booster that will meet your specific requirements. Install a booster to increase the efficiency of your water heater and save on electric bills.

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