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Before maintaining any laminate flooring, let us know something about the laminate floor. In the United Kingdom, laminate flooring is also known as floating wood tile. It is basically a multi-layer artificial flooring product that is merged together with the process of lamination. After the floor is laminated, it is important to keep it clean because the particles of sand, dirt, and dust will scratch the surface after some time. There are various companies that provide waterproof laminate flooring but still, it is required to keep dry because the content of water moisture can cause the planks to warp, swell and various other problems.

For the lamination of the floor, a professional is required who helps you to laminate wood flooring and gives an adorable look to your home. With the increase in population, the demand for laminate flooring is increasing day by day. They are required to be cleaned so that they can last long for a longer period of time.

 How to clean the laminate flooring?

To clean the laminate flooring with the help of mop becomes a challenge for various people because cleaning this with a mop can damage your floor. It requires great care which results in a burden for numerous people. So we are telling you how to clean it. By reading this article further, you will be able to clean your floor easily.

  • To clean this laminate floor, start cleaning with the small and soft brush.
  • You can clean your floor with the help of a vacuum. But on a regular basis, do not use a vacuum as it will start damaging your floor.
  • A handheld rechargeable cleaner is also used to clean the laminate flooring, which is one of the great and safe ways to clean the floor.
  • A microfiber pad is also a good option to clean the floor.
  • Do not use a wet mop to clean but dry mop can help you in cleaning the floor.

How to maintain?

Apart from the cleanliness of the laminated floor, maintenance is also one of the important things to make your floor new and adorable.

  • To remove the spillage such as tar, oil paint and various others from the floor, you can use nail polish remover. By removing the spillage from the homemade natural cleaners, your floor will get damage.
  • If there is any stubborn present on your floor, then it can also be removed with the help of a nail polish remover.
  • To remove the harsh substances such as wax or chewing gum, then you can use ice. After removing them with the help of ice, do not leave it as ice is made up of water, so it can wet your laminated flooring. To avoid this, scrape your flooring with a plastic scarper including an expired credit card. But be careful while scraping that your surface will not get any scratch.
  • Ignore too much cleaner, clean your floor with the help of soft cloths or dry mop of various other things that we have mentioned above.
  • Do not use soap on your floor because soap will dull the finish and shine of your floor. So ignore the using of soap.

How to restore?

To restore your flooring, you must require a professional. Restoring the laminated floor to make it look great is not as easy as you are thinking. There are various options by which you can restore your waterproof laminate flooring. If you want to do it on your own, then first of all go and purchase some type of floor cleaner. If you are not able to get the floor cleaner, then you can make one at your home.

Take a bottle and add some water and vinegar into it. By spraying this mixture, you will get your floor clean. After cleaning the floor with the cleaner, take the dry mop of a soft cloth and clean the floor. While cleaning the floor with the soft cloth, make sure that all the standing water is removed. The water must be removed because it will cause damage to your floor. The other option of restoring your floor is by using baby shampoo.

Wrap Up:

You can also restore your floor but a professional do it in a better way. To find a professional, you need to browse him in the market which takes lots of time. So we are here with a Bag a Builder that helps you in finding the perfect tradesman by sitting at the comfort of your home. You just need to place a quote on our official website and we will show you the list of all the tradesmen among which you can choose one by comparing all of them.

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