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Does your ceiling need repair? Are bits and pieces of plaster from your ceiling coming off? Are there cracks on your ceiling that you need to repair? Well, if that is the case, you need to plaster your ceiling.

The process can be messy and tiring. So, you have to be patient and careful with it. Before you embark on your plastering journey, pack in as much dedication and patience that you can, you are going to need it.

However, you could avoid all these mess, if you took help from local plasterers. Since you are here, reading this article, it can be presumed that you want to do it yourself. So, here are the steps:

Step 1–Gather your tools

It’s not everyday that you need to plaster ceiling. So gather all the equipment you need and get going. Here are few things you will need –

  • Plaster
  • Ladder
  • Knife/plastering trowel
  • Sandpaper
  • Mixing stick
  • Sponge
  • Clean water

Step 2 – prepare the room

The very image of you standing on a ladder and trying to apply layers of plaster on the ceiling is messy. So, there is no denying that the actual work is also going to be pretty watery and messy.

So, what to do? Planning is the key. The only way you could possibly get through this process properly is by carefully planning the setup.

First of all, remove furniture or cover them up using plastic sheets. Cover up the floor using the same. Next, cover yourself up and wear a mask. It’ll prevent plaster from landing on your face.

Step 3 –prepare the ceiling

Who’s the star of the show? The ceiling,so, definitely it is going to need some preparations right? First of all, get rid of the old and damaged plaster hanging from your ceiling. Next, clean it up; remove the dirt, cobwebs, and other unnecessary particles. Sponge the ceiling with clean water and get rid of other unwanted items. If your ceiling is oily, use a de-greaser.

Step 4 – mix the plaster

This is the easy part. Use equal parts of plaster and water. Always add plaster to water and while doing so keep stirring the mixture with a mixing stick. This will help to remove lumps and give you a thick and smooth mixture.

Now, stand back and think. Are you ready? If you’re not, you can search on the internet for ‘plasterers near me in London’. You can hire professionals.

If you’re still up for it,go ahead!

Step 5 –coating techniques

The thing you need to learn is how to skim coat your ceiling. It is easy, don’t worry. First of all, make sure someone is holding your ladder at all times to prevent accidents. Safety first!

Next, dab the part of the ceiling you want to plaster with clean water. Then, take a little bit of plaster on edge of your trowel/knife and apply an even and thin layer. Divide the ceiling into rows and parts. Go one part at a time. Take breaks in between. Use the rough edge of your trowel to create scratches throughout the layer of plaster.

After your ceiling is completely covered with the skim coat, let it set and dry. It might take up to 48 hours. If you need or want, you could definitely apply another layer using the skim coat technique.

Step 6 –use the sandpaper

Now, you might end up with few bumps on the ceiling after you finish. Don’t worry, there’s always a solution. Use the sandpaper to smooth it out. Apply elbow grease and your ceiling is ready to shine.

Nothing is easy. However, the fact that you decided to do it yourself, is commendable. Being self-sufficient does not hurt. It makes you more able.

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