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A beautiful home is the one which everyone dreams of. Everyone tries to build their homes according to their own preferences. With evolution of newer lifestyle ideas, people are keen in decorating their houses with modern items giving them a classy and sober look. Consequently, the newer home building materials are so made to impart strength as well as serve the purpose of decoration.

Do you know that you can beautify your house with simple and commonly available substances in the market? Yes! You might get astonished to know that a simple plaster can be used to make your home look more beautiful and comfortable. Additionally they also confer strength and durability to your home.

Here are some ideas of decorating your home with plaster, as suggested by certified plasterers:

Decor panels

You can create your own panel or plaster board in a particular part of your living or drawing room. It can simply be done in any one of the walls. You can place cabinets or rack in front of the textures wall board. This will also save the cost of plastering the whole wall.

Casting designs in roof

Roofs should look clean and beautiful. This can be achieved by completely plastering the roof of your home. When working with plaster, you can keep the roof flat and provide coating for making different textures on it. Alternatively, you can mould its edges and twist them further to make space for lights.

Blend the lighting with plaster

Plaster works wonders when combined and matched with the lighting of the house to give it an elegant outlook. You can study the different shades of plaster and their compatibility to different lights. In case you need further, type “plasterers near me in London” and search the internet by one click.

Bathroom decor

You can use certain shades for bathroom which does not get stained easily. Also, you should choose the plaster colour such that it matches with the floor tiles as well. Smart lighting of the bathroom with LED lights enhances its beauty.

For the kitchen

Kitchen is one of the vital parts of the whole house. Consider using those shades for kitchen which are not easily stained (like the bathroom) or from which the stain can be removed. It is recommended to use red colour for kitchen as red is said to increase appetite, though you can prefer any other shade of your choice.

Curves in ceiling

If you want to conduct extensive experiments with lights, try curving out the plaster of the roof and fitting less brighter LED lights in those curves. Your room will witness an exquisite play of lights.

Colourful kids room

If you are thinking about plastering the room of your kids, go for some brighter colours which are attractive to children. Make a point to use washable plasters in kids room which can gladly accept all their scribbles and can be washed later on.

A well decorate house is something which everyone longs for. Nowadays, people are constantly up to trying out newer interior decor ideas with commonly available materials. You can also deck up your home with the above plastering techniques to make it a better place to live in.

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