Importance of Residential Construction Site Cleanup Checklist

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Residential Construction Site Cleanup
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Construction sites include various aspects and the site manager always carries the responsibility of completing every work with precision. Not only will he observe the day to day operations but how he leaves the site after all the work comes to an end is all that matters. There will be a certain amount of mess that has to be cleaned no matter what the situation is. You cannot just offer a dump yard to the new owners. Be it any kind of project, the professional finish can only be attained when the new owners can readily move in the apartments. For this very reason, the residential construction site cleanup checklist is the most important thing to do so that all the mess can be cleaned in the correct manner and conveniently.

Why is a checklist required?

To any builder and construction site manager, this question must hold importance as it is directly related to the reputation they hold and the quality of the job they are offering. A construction site includes a million things even it is a small one. Each and everything has to be cleaned for which a checklist is a must. There are small as well as bigger items which must be removed from site before the new owners start residing. Exact cleaning is only possible with the help of checklists.

How the checklist should look like?

Whenever builders build a home, the checklist for cleaning every minute particle and products must look like this:

The general clearout at first must follow that includes wall scrubbing, cleaning base boards, cleaning ceilings, etc.

    • Every sticker and label has to be removed at any cost.
    • The unclean glass looks awful for which every glass area has to be polished.
    • Door hardware is very important for which wiping is necessary.
    • Light fixtures when dirty can have an effect on the entire lighting that can make a room seem dull. Hence, new bulbs must be installed and every light fixture has to be spotless.
    • Wood floors must be mopped.
    • Interior stonework is usually present in every construction site for which cleaning process is mandatory.
    • Wiping off electrical switches is the most vital thing otherwise some hazard might take place.

Kitchen cleaning next is highly imperative in the checklist as it is the place where people not only prepare food but sit and consume it sometimes as well.

    • Faucet polishing and sink cleaning is the foremost step that comes under kitchen cleaning process.
    • The cabinet drawers must be kept empty and the items must be kept on kitchen countertop

As per the exterior, irrespective of the amount of debris that has accumulated, it must be collected and disposed of in the dumpster. When it comes to porches, walks, entryways, patios, sweeping has to be carried out.

At construction sites, home developers can carry out the cleaning themselves or else get in touch with professional companies for carrying out all cleaning procedures.

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