Important Scaffolding Safety Tips

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Scaffolding Safety Tips
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Scaffolding is very significant for large construction works. Being one of the temporary structures, it is used to support a working condition with the work crew. Basically, it is used to access the greater heights. Scaffolding jobs should ensure safety and security as unsafe scaffolding may lead to a great loss of life.

Other than construction works, scaffolding is also used for making concert stages, viewing towers, ski ramps, exhibition stands, half pipes, shoring, grandstand seating and artworks. Billboard advertisements are mostly made with the help of scaffolding. It is one of the ancient techniques of China, where scaffolding is done using bamboos.

Types, Techniques and Safety tips of Scaffolding:

Scaffolding jobs are popular worldwide and there is a great demand for such jobs. Scaffolding jobs in London are becoming popular day-by-day and are willing to recruit people with good expertise.

Five types of scaffolding are used worldwide.

  1. Timber scaffolding
  2. Bamboo scaffolding
  3. Tube and coupler components scaffolding
  4. H- frame modular system scaffolding
  5. Prefabricated modular system scaffolding

Safety tips for scaffolding are as follows:

Irrespective of the working place every employee should comply with the legal terms laid by the local authority with respect to training of scaffolding. A person want to make career in scaffolding should be competent and trained in the following.

  • Proper use of scaffolds
  • Handling of different materials
  • Should be competent to deal with falling object protection system and personal fall arrest systems.

Apart from this, there are various safety tips which have to be followed.

    • Scaffolds should be placed on a stable ground
    • Debris and other unwanted stuff should be removed from the ground of scaffold.
    • Slippery shoes should be avoided completely.
    • There should be at least 10-foot distance between the power lines and the scaffolds.
    • The wheels of the scaffold should be locked when in use.
    • Always make sure that the equipment is used as per the terms and conditions put forth by the manufacturers.
    • Do not strike the scaffold materials or vehicles.
    • A hard helmet is one of the mandates.
    • Make sure that anything placed on the scaffolds is removed once the work is completed.
    • Do not work on the scaffolds when there is a strong wind or storm.
    • Always make sure to check whether the scaffold is under use before moving it.
    • Never use the scaffolds for storing materials and other equipment.

Many scaffolding companies are available across the UK who provide the related services ensuring the safety and security with high recommendations. Safety and security are promised for the users and workers if they are properly instructed by the engineers on the recommendations laid down by the scaffolding companies. The recommendations of scaffolding companies should be strong enough and clear. It should not be vague and ambiguous. The user manual is always handed over to the engineers by the scaffolding companies.

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