Keep Your Home Burglar-Proof with These Effective Tips

Keep Your Home Burglar-Proof with These Effective Tips
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What do you think makes a ‘house’, a ‘home’? The presence of loved ones, warmth, the feeling of belongingness, and most importantly security makes a complete house. These days, it’s difficult to keep your home safe from prying eyes of criminals. However, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. A little care, a little effort, a new home security device and you’re good to go.

Here are few tips that might help you secure your home:


Be it your front door, or the back door, the material you use for any door that can potentially let people in and out of the main structure of your house should be strong and sturdy. Your front door should be made of strong hardwood or steel. You could buy a four screw heavy duty ‘deadbolt strike-plate’ to prevent intruders from kicking in your house. Other devices are available in the hardware shop which can reinforce your doors.

Glass windows/doors:

Now, who does not like glass windows? They are so stylish! However, they come with a defect and that’s related to security issues. Glass is fragile and on top of that, burglars can easily lift up a sliding glass window. To secure them, put towel or curtain in the tracks. Or you could install window sensors that could track any unwanted movement and notify you.

Deceive them:

According to the police department, most of the burglars attack when they think the house is unoccupied. Hence, when you’re not home, switch on the television, timers and set elaborate techniques to fool these criminals.

Use signs:

It won’t hurt if you use few fake signs like ‘beware of dog’ or have a dog house outside, in your backyard. These techniques will scare the burglars off. These thieves and burglars pray upon easy targets. Hence, they won’t exactly love the idea of a nice evening run with a ferocious dog chasing right behind them. You could also use fake security cameras. Are you paying a security company for emergency alarm? Make sure you put out a sign stating the same. However, display it only if you have one. Otherwise, it might endanger your neighbours who might actually have an alarm system.


It may so happen that while you are busy taking a dip in Hawaii, a burglar breaks in and loots you off all your belongings. Vacations are important. Hence, it’s up to you to make sure you use precautions and secure your home. Ask your neighbours or friends to take care of emails and newspapers, don’t let those build up outside. Secondly, avoid posting statuses and pictures of your vacation. Nobody said burglars are not into social media.

Install security systems:

It’s better to be extra careful. You don’t want to put the lives of your loved ones in danger. Upgrade your security by installing home security systems in London, this way you will be aware of anything that goes in and around your home. Any suspicious activity can be monitored by you. Even though it might cost a bit, it is better to take precautions than to repent later.

Security is of utmost importance these days. With the number of criminal activities rising everyday, you should definitely consider making wise changes in your house. Fix doors and windows, install security systems and most importantly, be alert.

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