Kitchen Extension Ideas for an All New Look

Kitchen Extension Ideas for an All New Look
Home Improvement & Decoration

A vital part of every house is the kitchen. Every homeowner tends to spend a significant amount on their kitchen. A good kitchen should not only be hygienic and safe for cooking food but should also be smartly designed to make the most out of the space used and give it a stylish outlook. Nowadays, even older houses are modifying their own kitchen and shifting to modular kitchen plans. Modular kitchens allow smart cooking options and take care of space management as well.

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, you can follow these steps:

  • Study the present architecture of your kitchen.
  • Make a design of the new kitchen on your own. You can also consult builders or kitchen renovation
  • Plan your budget.
  • Figure out the time you can spend on this. Do not forget to keep some spare time in case of unforeseeable circumstances.
  • Get hold of an expert contractor for this job.
  • Consult and choose the materials and appliances you are going to use in your new kitchen.

Here are some kitchen extension ideas which might help you while planning:

1) Use oil paints

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is a good paint for the walls. You should use washable grease-free paints or oil paints for your kitchen. They can be cleaned easily. Do not use darker shades as it might make your kitchen look clumsy.

2) Light it up

Proper lighting can make a big difference in the outlook of the kitchen. It ensures more safety in working. Moreover, you should light up all your cabinets so that their contents are properly visible. So a proper light is necessary for efficient working. You can opt various LED lights that too included in your kitchen extension cost.

3) Keep a broad aisle

While planning for all kitchen appliances, you should make it a point to keep wide walkaways in your kitchen. This allows free movement in the kitchen, hence significantly decreasing the chances of getting injuries or bumping against sharp edges.

4) Utilise every corner

Space management plays a very important role here. You should put to use every unused part of your existing kitchen. You can even use the corners by using corner racks to keep utensils, towels, apron etc.

5) Use cabinets for storage

It is recommended to use closed cabinets for storing cooking accessories. It not only saves a lot of space but also makes your kitchen look clearer. Furthermore, rodents and insects cannot enter cabinets, thus you can prevent contamination also.

6) Take care of sharps

It is very important to keep your sharp accessories like knives, forks safely. Make sure that the children are not able to reach it. You can also use locked drawers or organizers to keep them.

7) Use the island wisely

If you have an island in your kitchen, you should put it to proper use. Avoid keeping oven or induction there. You can rather use it as a serving counter.

A healthy and hygienic kitchen is the key to a healthy life. You can reconstruct your old kitchen to give it an all-new look. So pick a new design, plan your budget and get set go for a stylish yet safe smart kitchen.

Register with Bag a Builder and find a tradesman to do the kitchen extension job.

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