Lawn Care Guide for Spring and Summer

Lawn Care Guide
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Spring is that time of the year when the grasses and plants are on a growing spree. What does a growing lawn need? It requires feeding, weeding, watering and a lot more. If you’ve got a sparse area in your lawn, this is the time you should seed them.

A beautiful lawn completes your home. A little bit of green in the concrete jungle is something to cherish. So, why not take care of it?

If you want to find a gardener London, simply search for one on our website Bag a Builder. However, if you want to do it on your own, here are few tips that will work perfectly for spring and summer time:

Killing moss

Mosses are painful. It is a problem that is frequently seen to occur in poorly drained lawns. The lawns which are damp tend to accumulate moss. You could remove them by scarification or by using chemicals. Use moss killers based on ferrous sulphate. However, only killing won’t help. They will keep reappearing unless you get to the root of the problem and solve it from there.


  • One of the most important things to do is to mow your lawn. This will help to keep the growth in check. You don’t want your lawn to look like a mini jungle with untamed growth. During summer you should mow twice, every week. Reduce it to once a week in case of drought. During spring, mow once a week.
  • For patterned lawns you can definitely check in with the different landscape gardeners UK, they have a wide variety of options and tutorials to offer.
  • Never mow wet or damp grass as this will damage their roots and growth.

Feed your lawn

  • How do you feed a lawn with fertilizers?In the middle of the spring season use a proprietary spring fertilizer, you could also use a summer fertilizer. However, don’t exceed the recommended rates. Apply the fertilizers in moist soil.
  • Its late summer and you see the lawn slowly losing its vigour; apply a mixture of ammonia or sulphate along with soil (four times the weight of ammonia or sulphate), 15g per square metre. Apply with a little bit of water or on moist soil. For more, you can check in with the various gardening services London as they can provide you with more such tips.


You would rather call it over seeding. Spring-summer is the time when you over seed the sparse areas of your lawn. Once you’ve gotten rid of weeds and mosses, it’s time to over seed.

  • First of all, break the soil surface into finer parts with a rake or fork.
  • Next, sow seeds at the rate of ten to fifteen grams per square metre or half the recommended rate.
  • Now rake the soil lightly in order to let seeds settle in. As a precautionary measure, net the lawn. In case the weather is dry, use a sprinkler to wet the ground. The grasses should sprout in about ten days from sowing.


Water the lawn when the soil is dry. Aerate the soil using a spike or any other device. But don’t water the grasses once they have become yellow or brown, water before that. Once the grasses turn yellow or brownish, don’t water them. It might look like the grasses are dying, but they are not. They will recover with the commencement of the rainy season.

During the summer, watering once in 10 days or 7 days is good enough. Make sure the water reaches at least 10 cm deep. However, it’s wise to water once, around 20 litres, per week.

Do not over water the lawn. It might cause more harm than good. Do not use fertilizers in an excess amount. Maintain your lawn with the tips provided above. You might seek help from a professional for more.

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