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Loft Conversion Process

A loft conversion is a process that involves a transformation of vacant attic space into a full-fledged functional room which is often used as an office space, bedroom, living room, gymnasium or storage space. It is quite a complicated task in finding certified tradesmen in the loft conversion. Before the selection of tradesmen, you have to make sure that they render top-notch services with optimal safety and quality. At Bag a Builder, the internal team would assist homeowners in locating reliable tradesmen who have gained years of experience, knowledge, and skills in this particular segment. Besides, they would ensure that tradesmen do possess a valid CSCS card.

Types of loft conversions

Before choosing tradesmen in the respective field, you should be familiar with some of the major types of loft conversions. It consists of roof light, dormer, hip-to-gable and last but not the least mansard. The type of loft conversion is picked based on several factors including age, the type of house you are currently residing at and the estimated budget. Now we shall discuss the four major types of a bungalow loft conversion.

  • Roof light conversions:-

A roof light conversion is one of the cost-effective methods since it does not involve any alterations to the shape and pitch of roofs. The process is executed by including skylight windows, placing an appropriate floor and staircase to make the room suitable for commercial use. But, you should have additional roof space in the absence of an extension for such type of conversion.

Dormer loft conversion:- 

It is a type of conversion in which extension stands out from the top of the roof. Flat roof dormers are currently one of the sought after types of conversions as it is best suited for those houses bearing a sloping roof. Dormer loft conversion is yet another cost-effective option when compared to hip-to-gable and mansard conversions.

  • Hip-to-gable conversion:-

Hip-to-gable conversion extends the property on sloping sides. In short, it is a process wherein the side roof is completely removed from the sidewall to create an internal loft space. This type of conversion is an ideal option for detached and semi-detached properties since it demands a free sloping side roof.

  • Mansard conversions:-

Mansard conversion is a type of conversion which is installed at the back end of the property. This process involves opening up the roof to take advantage of the loft space. It is one of the expensive types of conversion that would create an adequate volume of additional space.

Responsibilities of loft conversion

A loft conversion is a tedious engineering process that involves the development of extra living space instead of moving the property. The process should be executed following the existing regulations.

  • The primary objective of a loft converter is to install I-beams or rolled steel joists. These materials can also be placed in a single length which is affixed together.
  • Brand new timber joists are placed in between the rolled steel joists (RSJ) wherein a new floor can be laid. A professional structural engineer is responsible to measure the accurate size of rolled steel joists as well as joists.

Risk Factors

As you are aware of the fact that loft conversion is not a simple task since there are numerous risks associated with it. Some of them are discussed below:

  • First and foremost, you need to figure out whether you could fit in the loft as soon as it is converted. In such cases, you need to discuss this issue with a professional designer and ask them to provide a crystal clear idea of what will be the outcome.
  • Before executing the process of loft conversions, you should get approval as per the building regulations. It is mandatory to consult with a planning department regarding the extension of roof space. It is better to possess a full plan approved with building regulations before approaching a builder and it will help minimize the risks. This would enable the builders to provide a fixed quote rather than a rough estimate.

What a Bag a Builder does?

Bag a Builder is an authentic and trusted platform that allows you to search for a reliable loft converter with ease by registering for free as a homeowner. It is indeed one of the best options to save a considerable amount of time and money as it would assist in tracking a suitable loft converter that caters to your needs and expectations. Bag a Builder helps you in getting connected with a trusted and competent loft converter through chat option or mail.

Bag a Builder has recently emerged as one of the leading portals in the United Kingdom and worldwide. We are grateful to the public and tradesmen alike due to their constant support for the services provided by the company.

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