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A home is where everybody feels extremely safe and comfortable. Building a home must have a proper plan and a construction technique so that the interior becomes more secure and healthier for the family members. According to the standards set by the regulatory bodies, you can easily convert your dream of making a healthier house into reality. All you need is to hire an efficient home contractor who knows all the regulations and can provide the best options to construct a healthier home.


9 innovative ways:

Deploying the efficient home builders will ensure that your plan of making a healthy home is fruitful. You can avail the professional advice from the leading builders near you to chalk out a perfect plan. Here is the list of tips that will help you to build a healthier home.


1. Allergen-repelling floor

Allergens are the most harmful particles present inside your home. The allergens can come from the pets, plants and suspended particles in the air. The experts suggest discarding the use of carpets in the rooms. Carpets are the dirtiest and dingiest part of the house where the allergens get trapped. Choose hardwood flooring or any other non-textured floor that can be easily cleaned.


2. Using rock wools

Avoid using plastic foams and use rock wools for insulation. Roxul is a good choice that offers a non-toxic and inert insulation. These substances are non-combustible too.


3. MERV filtration

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value rating is mandatory for the filtration units. For better air quality, use MERV filtration. It will work the best when paired with a righteously distributed and balanced energy recovery ventilation system.


4. Go for under-mounted sinks

The sinks, that provide ample space below, become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and other disease-causing microbes. The majority of the homes are now choosing the under-mounting sink design so that the space between the counter and sink is omitted. The formation of pathogens will be inhibited considerably.


5. Using a hydrothermal modeling and assessment tool

This particular tool enables you to design the right assembly of the necessary layers for your walls so that you can avoid the condensation within the walls. The tool assesses the climate throughout the year and provides a perfect assembly plan.


6. Proper floor design

The floor design and the alignment of the windows and doors are very important for constructing a healthier home. The correct alignment with the path of the sun will ensure proper entry of sunlight through the windows. Sunlight is a natural suppressor of pathogens. The ultraviolet rays inhibit the formation and breeding of pathogens. The windows should be spacious enough. It will reduce the cost of construction and make the rooms healthier. Spacious windows also ensure proper ventilation. Consult a professional house builder to fabricate a proper plan.


7. Formaldehyde absorbing walls

This is a great innovation that enables an interior to make the environment free from formaldehyde. The drywall is capable of absorbing the suspended formaldehyde molecules in the internal environment of the rooms due to its innovative composition. The absorbed formaldehyde is converted into an inert compound that will be absorbed permanently by the material of the board.


8. Using materials approved by certifiers

Try using less-toxic materials such as adhesives, surface coatings, sealants, processed wood, particleboards, ply, insulators, etc for less emission of volatile and toxic organic compounds for a better air quality inside.


9. Natural lighting

Do not make the interior of the house dark. Introduce a proper plan where the natural sunlight will make your rooms brighter in the morning. Discard the artificial lighting and invest in installing skylights.

The building jobs London catered by the professional contractors will be ideal to make your home healthier from all aspects.

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