Pest Prevention Tips

Pest Prevention Tips
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Every season brings in new guests to your house in the form of pests. These pests are of various categories and sizes, ranging from the mice and rats to the spiders and stink bugs, the variety of pests that can infest your homes are indeed large and wide. However, fighting these pests and getting rid of them could certainly become a cumbersome and difficult task. So, are you ready for the pests and rodents who might make your house their home sweet home too? Here follow the various types of pests and how to be ready to fight them:

Rats and mice: the most common type of pests that can be found in every home is the rats and mice. The menace of these squeaking rodents can become manifold with the dropping temperatures. As the outside temperature drops, rats come looking for nooks and corners in the houses where they can make their home. What can you do to prevent the entry of rats and mice? Here follows a list of must do things:

  • The very first thing that you need to stop their entry is to seal all the cracks, crevices, holes and gaps which might be larger than the cap of a pen. For this, you can take the help of a certified exterminator.
  • Be sure not to use wood to seal the cracks as the rodents are capable of eating away the wood material.
  • A clean environment can help you a lot in keeping the rodents at bay. Wash off the dishes immediately, store food in air-tight containers and sweep away and food particle that has been dropped on the floor.
  • Also, take the services of a good agency offering home cleaning services in London.

Spiders: even a slight amount of moisture and humidity in the atmosphere help the spider population breed very fast. Spiders prefer moist, dark and damp climate. So, keep the rooms airy and full of light. Kill a spider as soon as you spot one as they multiply very fast once they make the webs in the house. In this case, some experienced pest control services would be of immense help to you.

Stink bugs: these extremely smelly insects are known for the very bad odour that they emit out of their body. This odour helps them from becoming a prey to the predators. However, they could become a nuisance if found in the house. Any good and reputed certified exterminator would be able to help you in this case.

Cockroaches: very commonly found in almost all kitchens and washrooms, these are very harmful to your health. It is believed that cockroaches live in a family of 800. This means that if you spot one cockroach, it has 800 more behind it. So, they should be removed as soon as possible. If you happen to spot a cockroach, immediately call for some pest control services and get the cockroaches removed.

Pest control of the house at regular intervals is very important. This keeps many diseases away. A pest free house is the first step towards healthy living.

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