Prerequisites of a Gas Service Engineer

Prerequisites of a Gas Service Engineer
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Engineering is a vast field involving mathematics, science and technical knowledge. While some of the engineering courses require a substantial amount of academic excellence, there are other courses which are a bit lenient regarding academics and rely mostly on technical knowledge and skills, common sense, and aptitude. One such field is gas engineering.

The work of a gas service engineer may seem simple but in reality, it is quite challenging. The easy part may be the academic part as the course itself is easy and short. The part which is difficult is the fact that the person needs to have a sharp brain and has the ability to tackle tough situations under pressure. They are skilled tradesmen. Their job is mainly related to gas appliances. Some of the functions are:

  • Repairing and installation of gas delivery systems.
  • Maintaining and servicing gas-based appliances.
  • A gas safe engineer performs tests to ensure safety and determining if all appliances meet safety requirements.
  • Setting up of a gas pipeline which includes cutting the pipes then bending and finally joining them.
  • Provides insurance to gas systems and appliances.

Requirements for being a gas engineer

There are certain prerequisites which need to be fulfilled before you become a gas engineer. Some of them are as follows:

A degree or a qualification– Primarily you need some qualification before you can become a gas engineer. Passing the industry qualification and gas safe registration is essential. An NVQ level 3 or at least a Diploma is needed in some specific streams.

A specific specialisation- This is the second step. You need to choose a specific appliance you want to work with. Based on that you need to get your name on the gas safe register. Only then can you become a gas safe registered engineer in London and can legally do your job.

Common sense and technical skills- Goes without saying that this is a vital requirement in this field. You need to deal with practical situations and that means you will face tough situations. Thus, having a sharp brain can help you tackle such situations. Along with that, you must possess the skills to deal with the technical aspect of the job.

Adept in mathematics and measurements- The job relies heavily on mathematics. You need to be good in mathematics to make accurate measurements that are essential for the job. A slight mistake in the calculation can result is a fatal accident.

Self-sufficiency as well as co-operative skills- Mostly you will be working alone and therefore you need to learn how to work all on your own. Rarely will you be working in small teams where you need to synchronise with your teammates to get the job done in an efficient manner.

Ability to manage time– This too is vital as you will have to finish a lot of work and your time at hand will be limited. Often you need to serve more than one client in a day hence you will have to manage time.

You need to possess some qualifications as well as skills to become a successful gas engineer.

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