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A kitchen is an elegant part of a house that glorifies its structure and decides its aura and environment. Kitchens in the now times has also become the status of your reputation. So ‘how is your kitchen designed’, plays an important aspect for your home. It needs to look good.

The complete kitchen refurbishment is not a difficult task. For designing your kitchen you will need a tradesman that helps you in the successful completion of redesigning your kitchen. The kitchen designer that you are hiring must be certified professional who should be willing to work with you to design your kitchen that squares with your budget according to your desires and needs.

So, while redesigning your kitchen, you just need to plan first considering both the factor of utility and look. Before re-designing cheap fitted kitchens various things need to be done such as planning the amount of money that you are willing to spend; the time that you are willing to devote; the style that you are planning for your kitchen design and various others.

Designing a kitchen:

First thing is to think about the theme, and a particular look of your kitchen including the floor, walls and storing place and several others. Choose a floor in such a way that it will set the tone for the kitchen because the quality and the texture of the floor always appeal to the eyes. After thinking about the floor, go to the next step i.e. finalize the countertops by choosing a colour and texture because it will praise the selection of your floor, paint and cabinetry.

After this, design the layout for your cheap fitted kitchens that should be done according to your specifications and necessities. For designing the perfect layout, keep few things in mind including detail measurement of your kitchen such as doors position, electric points, drains, sinks and windows; a list for the appliances used in kitchen so that proper space can be provided; and define your kitchen in three parts i.e. cooking, storage and cleaning.

Types of layout for kitchen design:

There are mainly 4 types of layout for a kitchen design that are given below:

  • L shape layout: it is the first type of layout in which rows are diagonal with each other.
  • U shape layout: this is the second type of layout that is best for those homes that have a small kitchen.
  • Corridor layout: in this type of layout there are two rows facing in front of each other. It is designed for a narrow kitchen.
  • Island layout: this type of layout is designed for those homes that have large kitchens.

In this way your layout will get designed and you can move to the further step of designing a cabinet that can be made from the various types of woods such as poplar, birch, oak, cherry and various others among which the most considered wood that is well suited to cabinetry are cherry, maple and birch. Before designing a cabinet it is important to start by defining what you want to style.  Basically, a cabinet is designed in various types including slab, raised panel, and recessed panel and door shapes that can be designed in four styles such as shaker, contemporary, traditional and country.

Some ideas of kitchen designing:

There are various ways in which complete kitchen refurbishment can be done. Some of them are given below:

  • Create a canopy of kitchen
  • Design your kitchen by thinking about it as a great room
  • Using the color of the cabinet to set the tone of kitchen design
  • Plan the use of drawers and cabinets
  • Lightening under cabinet in your kitchen
  • Looking at your countertops.

If you want to refurbish your complete kitchen again then it’s obvious that you will need a kitchen designer who must be perfect in his/her work. And you have to search for the best kitchen designer in the market which increases your stress and work. So we are here with “Bag a Builder” which is an online platform from where you can get a number of local tradesmen who hold certification in their field. It provides you with the list of all kitchen designers among which you can choose a perfect one by comparing all with each other. Bag a Builder reduces your work as you need not search a professional in the market.

Where to find certified tradesmen

The main advantage of searching tradesmen with Bag a Builder is that we approve only those tradesmen who have rich experience and are highly certified. You can also compare the cost of the tradesmen and after selecting, the tradesmen will contact you. Start your search by just registering at our website and posting a job requirement.

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