Renovating the House to Get Better Returns

Renovating the House
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Renovating the House to get Better Returns on Selling

If you have a property in London, which happens to be one of the most coveted cities on this planet and yet you aren’t able to sell your place or are not getting offers from interested buyers that are lucrative enough for you to give up your place, renovating your house a bit might help your cause.


So here we’re listing a few changes you can make:

  • General Surrounding: Doesn’t matter when and who said: “First impression is the last impression” because when it comes to selling something, no matter how small it is, buyers lose interest in the deal if the very first thing they observe is about your product is that it looks bad. Sounds really superficial but we are talking money here, not moral. So if you want good returns, make sure the vicinity of your home is clean to make your customers feel they can have a healthy life here.


  • Paint: Let’s face it! If you are planning to sell your house, there isn’t any point in spending a lot on expensive paint to make it look good only to give it up eventually. But if you haven’t painted your home in years and it’s coming off in places and some places look horrible because of water soaked from the pipelines, you have to do something about it. So at least apply a coat of plaster all over the walls to make the place more presentable.


  • The Bathrooms: The worst first impressions are mostly due to horrible plumbing conditions. Imagine your customers walking into the bathroom only to find the taps and commodes are leaky and almost flooding the entire place. So before putting your place on the for sale list, make sure such things aren’t going to happen.


  • Clean and spacious interiors: First of all, clean every inch of your house before letting in the buyer to inspect it. Make sure even the drawers and cabinets are clean because your buyers will eventually open and inspect them. Secondly, move out excess and space consuming furniture. They make your place look small and cramped which makes your buyers feel as if they are paying you too much for too little space. And this is perhaps the cheapest home renovation in UK you need to get done.


  • Offer at least the basics: Try to find out what are the basic features other houses in your locality have to offer. Make sure your house offers them too.


  • Combine kitchen and Dining: Find local tradesmen in London and ask them to bring down the wall that separates your kitchen and dining room. This makes your house look more appealing to buyers.


These days home renovation in London seems like the only and wisest option for those who are trying to sell vintage homes. Homeowners these days want the best of both worlds. They want to stay in rustic looking homes that make them feel like they are closure to nature but also want the home to be equipped with the latest technology or at least the option to upgrade it as they wish. Thus renovating houses has become essential for those who want to sell properties.

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