Risks Involved Working as a Tradesman

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Working as a Tradesman
Help for Tradesmen

A tradesman is someone who specializes in a specific occupation which relies mostly on work experience, on-the-job training, and vocational education. The occupation does not demand a bachelor’s degree, but physical skills. Thus, such a person is a‘skilled-worker’ according to the occupational scale.

Being a tradesman is not easy. The risk involved in this job is significantly high. Health risks and injuries are widespread, death is not uncommon. Of the various causes of the construction workers death, the main ones are termed as the ‘fatal four’, which are:

  1. Falls
  2. Struck by an object
  3. Electrocution
  4. Caught-in/between

As a tradesman,you have to be very careful and maintain adequate safety measures. The solution to some common risk issues while working outdoors are as follows:

1. Falling from height:

If you are involved in construction jobs, in most cases you will be working at great heights. As for starters, you should ensure that the structure built for climbing such heights is safe enough. The edges should be properly angled and guarded with railings. The ladders used should be well maintained. Additionally, you can use equipment that helps you tie yourself to a firm structure in case you ever slip. You should never work under bad weather conditions. If you feel nausea and dizziness, ask for help so that you can get down to ground level and take appropriate medication.

2. Unorganized and untidy workspace:

Risk can be eliminated simply by maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Dirt makes the floor slippery; wires lying around can make you trip and fall. Objects casually put can either fall on you or you might stumble upon. Serious injuries can happen including death. On top of that, wires lying around can electrocution which is almost always fatal. Therefore, you must keep the place clean, objects should be kept carefully at safe places and wires should be arranged and insulated.

3. Not using suitable machines and mishandling:

Often it is found that proper machines are not used for lifting and moving heavy objects. Additionally, wrong postures and mishandling results in back pain and strains which last for a long time. You must ensure that you have access to the machines that are required for the job. You must also learn how to handle such objects in the correct manner so that you do not hurt your back and avoid strains.

4. Lack of safety in transportation:

Vehicles used in tradesman jobs are often large and difficult to control. You must follow all traffic rules and road signs when transporting materials in huge trucks and trailers. You should also keep a co-driver with you who can assist you. Large cranes and vehicles alike come with instructions which you should read.

5. Lack of proper gear:

Safety can be ensured by the use of proper gear. Things like safety boots, goggles, gas masks, gloves, ear protectors and reflective vests can combat a wide range of hazardous situations. You should always gear up before work.

Health is primary; therefore you should always take necessary safety measures to tackle the risks in an occupation such as yours. Tradesman jobs London provides you with all the facilities and equipment required to maintain a risk-free environment. Your part is to be careful and follow a discipline, which will ultimately safeguard your life.

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