Space Crunch? Here are 8 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom

Here are 8 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom
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These days it is difficult to find a place that you can call your own. So, most of the people end up with houses that look great but are not that spacious. In this situation, you need smart ideas.The interior design and decoration play a huge part in deciding the amount of floor space that your room will have.

Bedrooms are a great place to create memories. So, why not beautify it? One easy step is to maximize the space so that you can enjoy your little moments in a better way.

The trick is to minimize the area covered by the furniture. But how? This is why you are here and this is the question whose answer lies in this article. So, go ahead and read it.

Here are 8 tricks to help you maximize the space.

  • Remove that giant dresser – let’s face it, those giant dressers and armoires can eat up a lot of space. They end up engulfing almost a quarter of floor. Instead, go for under-the-bed storage rollers. Or you could even use customized closets that are built on the wall. They are able to hold clothes as well as other belongings properly and on the brighter side, don’t eat up floor space.
  • Tear down solids, add glass – those solid walls or doors between the bedroom and the balcony or the adjacent room tear them down. Replace it with a glass panel. This is will make the room look bigger and definitely edgier. 


  • Switch to a daybed–another way to maximize floor space is to use multi functional furniture. A daybed is a great option in this case. It provides a two in one, sofa-cum-bed facility. This way you can convert your furniture into whatever option is feasible for you at that point of time.


  • Use wallshelves or wall counters –try to use shelves that are embedded on the wall or fitted on the wall instead of shelves that consume floor space. These shelves can be used to decorate your room as well. You can put vases, framed photos, candle stands on top of them. Arrange these in pattern to beautify your room. You might have to find interior designer in London in order to plan it out and grasp this concept. 


  • Use mirror panels –mirrors make space look bigger. Mirror panels will not only look chic and stylish but they’ll also make your room look lighter. Use this illusion to trick your mind.


  • Be furniture-efficient – as was mentioned above, using multifunctional or multipurpose furniture can maximize floor space. Ask your interior stylist about this trend. He/she will be able to guide you. For example, a bed with storage space on the underside, or, a multipurpose desk. Make every furniture count. 


  • Make zones – create separate zones for different purposes. Add a fun element to your room. Make it look playful. Add a curtain to create a separation or you might even place a piece of furniture, strategically, creating an illusion of partition. Divide your bedroom and rule it!


  • Closets should be organized – the more organized your closet is, the less chaotic your room will be. Store as many items you can in the closets. This way you will be maximizing the floor space. Using up vertical space efficiently is important. 


  • The colour scheme – paint your room in neutral shades. You can go for pastel shades too. The point is to fool your eyes into believing that the small room is actually large. You have to play tricks. Neutral shades fool your mind into thinking that the room is longer and broader than it already is.


The basic idea is to increase the floor space. It is better to seek help from professionals to get the better grasp on the subject. However, these ideas are great to start off with.

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