Step by Step Guide for Becoming a Better Bricklayer

Step by Step Guide for Becoming a Better Bricklayer
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Bricklaying has proven to be a good start-up for many, but if you want to keep up with the pace, you need to step up your game. How to do that? Learn new bricklaying techniques to be a better a bricklayer. Apart from using various bricklaying tools, there are few ways or tricks that can help you be the best in your profession.

This article will provide you with step-by-step tips on how to improve your bricklaying skills.

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Step 1- efficiency in setting up your work area

Efficiency counts. If you are efficient enough, you’ll end wasting more time than you intended to. So, what to do? How not to create a mess? First of all, don’t build brick stacks that are too long. This will prevent them from falling. The maximum height of your brick stack could be around 1 to 1.5 meter long. Make sure you put mortar boards in between them. Stack your bricks nearby to the place you are working, say about 1 meter away from the wall you are building.

Step 2- position

Position is an important determinant. The correct position can lead a more efficient working style. Biggest mistake done by most bricklayers is that they stand right up front to the wall building. You should stand parallel to it so that you can keep a check on the alignment. This also means that the next brick is at your side and you don’t have to turn around to get it.

Step 3- furrowing correctly

The correct way to furrow is by holding the trowel perpendicular to the bricks. Next, go under the string line and use the tip of your trowel to furrow; furrow it from the side. Now, you might not agree to this technique, but it’s one of the best ways to furrow.

Step 4-picking up brick and mortar

Most of the times, bricklayers use the excess mortar from the previous bricklaying load their trowels. This is, however, a faulty technique. So, learn how to lay bricks properly? Pick up the brick using one hand and load your trowel with mortar using the other hand. This will help you make a full joint later on.

Step 5- full joint

Most of the bricklayer mortar just one edge to set the brick. The correct way, however, is to cover both the edges and the face of the brick with the mortar and set it. It’s called a full joint.

Step 6- lay it on the line

Instead of using the trowel to push the brick down on the line, use your hand. Push the brick down with the help of your palm and fingers. This is easier and the brick gets positioned better.

Step 7 –excess mortar

Use your trowel to cut off the excess mortar. After you position the brick on the line, cut off the excess mortar that’s oozing off the edges. Hold your trowel, don’t leave it immediately. This will provide the brick with extra support. After it’s set, cut off the mortar.

Step 8- slow but steady

Bricklaying is an art. It isa growing trend that promises a strong future. That is the reason why so many youngsters are optimistic about this career. You will find many bricklaying jobs UK that offers high pay. But what is the secret to bricklaying? It is to keep slow but steady. Do not lose your patience while working. The goal is to go steady and not fast.

Conclusion –

Bricklaying industry is growing every day. There are a lot of opportunities in this career. You can start off as a freelancer and go on to become a successful businessman. Just keep improving your skills. It’s only a matter of time.


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