Strengthen Your Construction Related Business by Hiring Skilled Tradesmen

Strengthen your construction related business by hiring skilled tradesmen
Beating Competition

It’s a proven fact: the cons of having cheap (read unqualified and unskilled) tradesmen far outweigh the pros. Yes, you might save on the salary part but what about the quality and durability of the output? The poor quality of work will have no takers (loss of business) and a single onsite disaster – owing to workforce’s incompetency – can wipe off all that you have earned or built over the years.

Yes, I agree that small firms have to cut corners to remain competitive. And it’s fine as long as you just cut corners – not the cornerstone which having skilled tradesmen aboard is.

Let’s see how hiring skilled tradesmen in the UK strengthen your construction related business

Less delays and cost overruns:

Incompetence is the major reason delay and cost overruns occur and giving jobs to certified construction professionals is a good way to minimize them.

As per an official survey, as much as 64% of construction projects were completed on budget while a record 40% were over on time in 2015 thanks to the rising preference for skilled or multi-skilled tradesmen in the UK by the industry.


Helps you steer clear of litigations:

Are you wondering how?? The answer is by cutting down on on-site casualties. The truth is accidents put you on the wrong side of the law with severe consequences. Litigations can delay the project or in extreme cases might even close it altogether resulting in massive loss of prestige and pounds. Then there are heavy compensations to pay to sick/injured/dead workers. Qualified workforce helps you avoid most of the accidents and thus resulting burdens. 


Skilled tradesmen are more productive: more work means more money:

When you hire professionals well-trained in their role, they produce more output than ones not so trained. Skilled tradesmen are not only competent in their work but also have health-and-safety training to spot and preempt accidents on sites. By giving jobs only to qualified construction workers, you weed out incompetency and inefficiency from workplace. Moreover, by reducing on-site risks and hazards they make the place safer and healthier to work at.

With healthier site, you don’t lose productive hours to workers’ sickness and injuries. It also helps in employee retention as a safer site gives workers one less reason to leave the company and dent productivity: a win-win situation for all, right?

Helps you rise above the competition:

Who doesn’t want to beat the competition and I am sure you do too. Construction is a very competitive sector with cut-throat rivalry and you must have something special to stare down competitors and succeed. Giving jobs only to skilled tradesmen may be the X-factor you are looking for. Come to think of it!


Shows commitment to quality and safety:

It results in repeat clients and word-of-mouth publicity leading to more business opportunities. Tell me which firm doesn’t want that??

Makes for good publicity:

You can use it as your USP. Everyone hates working on, buying, or renting a property that has witnessed mishaps and it’s a common knowledge that a project built by trained professionals is always more secure than one completed by amateurs.  Show your commitment to quality and safety and earn good publicity by hiring skilled tradesmen exclusively. Don’t you want to get good publicity by hiring only skilled tradesmen?

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