Are innovative technologies beneficial in construction?

Innovative technologies in construction
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In recent years, the word “innovation” has been a common topic that is usually mentioned in discussions about high tech. Science-intensive industries such as programming, electronics, car manufacturing and heavy engineering have led the frontier of innovative products. But when it comes to one of the most conservative industries – construction, innovation starts to slow down. Why is this happening? And what could be the benefit of using innovative technologies? The team at Bag a Builder wrote this article to give you an answer to these important questions.

Many developers are accustomed to building houses the old-fashioned way using century long materials, technologies, and practices. Of course, the most common and well-studied building materials – stone, brick, and wood have stood the test of time to create houses that are strong, affordable, and aesthetic. But often it is this approach that becomes the “underwater reef”, on which many effective innovations are not fully realised, halting the opportunity to significantly speed up and reduce the cost of building houses.

The effectiveness of innovation directly depends on the construction workforce developing their skills and ability in handling new technology safely and effectively. The implementation of innovative practices also rests on the degree of probability and demand among housing developers. There are many examples in history, when an innovative product or effective technology was pushed aside just because people were simply not ready for it. As a result, this is becoming one of the main reasons that innovative construction technologies are not being embraced.

Moreover, innovation is not just any innovation, but the only one that seriously increases the efficiency of the current system. Recommended local builders and construction companies in the UK that are embracing new construction technologies will be more sustainable and in higher demand. An innovative construction technology or material must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • simplify and speed up the construction process
  • reduce construction costs or operating costs
  • improve the energy efficiency of the facility
  • increase the life cycle of a building and structure

In the era of cheap gas heating the thought of building a well-insulated house is not that popular in the UK and other parts of Europe. Simply put, developers could afford to heat not only the house, but the entire street – however, due to the constant rise in energy prices and the inflated cost of connecting a pipe with “blue fuel”, the situation has changed dramatically. An increasing number of developers in the UK are thinking about building well-insulated houses, where heat loss is minimised. After all, the heat leaking out through blown walls and cracks in windows is money thrown out into the chimney. Hence – the growing interest of private developers in recuperates, heaters, energy-efficient foundations like USP, and additional insulation of walls and roofs, might just be a long-lasting answer to innovative technology

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