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Natural gas is a very dependable resource. It finds its use in different sectors of household affairs. With the advent of newer technologies, many appliances are made to run by gas, which is not only beneficial to the users but also equally advantageous for the environment.  Nowadays, people depend on gas appliances for a handful of jobs. They serve many a purpose, like heating system, refrigeration, simple water heating, cooking and many more.

Installation of gas appliances is increasing day-by-day, thus increasing the probability of occurrence of gas leaks and fatal accidents. The sole reasons behind this are the faulty installation and irregular maintenance of such appliances.

You should take proper care of the gas appliances installed in your home. You should strictly adhere to gas safety rules for this. Here are some guidelines you can follow:

1) Installation of gas appliances by the engineer only

If you are thinking about installing new gas appliances in your home, you should get it done by expertise personnel only. If you do not know any such person, search the internet typing ‘gas engineer near meand choose the one you find suitable for this work.

2) Regular gas safety check-up

You should conduct regular servicing of all the appliances in your home which are run by gas. You should follow this schedule all year round. But, make sure that your gas service engineer is registered before assigning him the work. Also, you can verify his identity proof. Your engineer should be well aware of all gas safety rules and should follow the same.

3) Avoiding usage of mal-functioning devices

If you ever see any unusual sign in your gas device, try to avoid it at any cost. Using a  malfunctioning device is dangerous and can cause potential harm to you and your family. Yellow flames, black stains, excessive condensation, foul odour of gas leaking out from any device are the prominent signs of dysfunction. Discontinue using the device and call up a gas safe engineer in London as early as possible.

4) Prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning

Improperly functioning gas appliances may emit carbon monoxide. You should take proper safety precautions against it. This is a two-step process involving installation of Carbon monoxide detectors and knowledge of symptoms of Carbon monoxide poisoning. Firstly, consider installing an audible Carbon monoxide detector alarm near your gas appliance. Coming to the symptoms of poisoning, it mostly includes headache, dizziness, nausea, collapse, and loss of consciousness.

5) Usage of gas appliances for their intended purpose only

You should be aware of the proper and specific uses of each and every gas appliance in your home. You should not use any device for performing any work which is not intended to be done with it. This can cause major accidents and harm your health.

6) Proper ventilation of gas appliances

Ventilation is necessary for all kinds of gas appliances to work properly. You should regularly check the ventilation system for any blockage or clogging which can interrupt the smooth functioning of your device.

Gas safety is a vital point when it comes to the safety of the house. Badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can bring danger to your family. Keeping this in mind, to raise awareness on safety precautions while handling gas and it’s appliances, an annual gas safety week is from 17 -23 September 2018. You should also be aware of these safety factors to maintain gas safety all year round.

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