The Ups and Downs of Modular Construction

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Modular Construction
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Modular construction is the process of constructing a building off-site, using raw materials and designing techniques similar to conventionally built facilities. It is conducted under controlled plant conditions, in a very short time. The whole construction is structurally split and manufactured in separate units. It is then assembled on-site.

Industrialisation has led to the increased demand of efficient and faster construction methods. Advancement of technology has met the demand by introducing modular construction technique. Though there is no doubt about the benefits and advantages of this, it is also hurdled with several challenges.

There are many opportunities that will give you an advantage in modular construction. Some of them are as follows:

1. Higher productivity

This can be achieved by fabricating smaller units under one manufacturing plant. Working in an organised manner will also benefit you.

2. Quality control

Quality control is at the top of the list of reasons why modular construction is gaining popularity. Keeping this as a priority, you should ensure that majority of the process is sheltered from the environmental factors. Likewise, the products are stored in a similar controlled environment to reduce imperfections. Use of modern equipment also adds to the quality.

3. Less time consumption

Saving time is also a vital factor. You should try to avoid any kind of constructional setback. Ensure that your construction team is able to work in a synchronised manner as the technique is repetitive. Also, make it a point to use the convenient equipment.

4. Safety factors

You should ensure the safety of each and every construction worker in your unit. This can be achieved by using safety equipment like gloves, boots, helmets, and vests. The tools that are used should be of good quality standards and also well maintained.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Pre-planning and pre-designing will make the building process less wasteful hence, the expenditure will be less. You should also keep an eye on the labour costs. Make sure that the units use the right amount of materials, efficiently.

Despite all these benefits you have to be prepared to face certain challenges like:

  1. Clients tend to question the durability and reliability of the constructions. You should maintain transparency in order to tackle such misconceptions.
  2. The existing standards and regulations are more inclined towards conventional construction techniques. Moreover, the machines and equipment, often are not updated enough to cater the needs of modular construction. You may face a tough time going ahead with your job.
  3. Clients tend to pay for the progress they can see. This is a big disadvantage for you, for your off-site project.
  4. There are only a handful of success stories in this field. Only your hard work can instil the confidence in your clients.
  5. Like in any other field, you will also be facing constant competition from the top construction companies. Make a point to analyse your competitors in order to stand out.

Modular construction, the industrialised building approach, may be beneficial to many entities, but is limited due to several issues. These issues should not stop the construction companies UK from successfully serving their clients.Patience and perseverance are all that you need in this field.

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