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Human beings have an optimum temperature range within which they can stay healthy and comfortable. However, it is not always possible to have an external temperature that will constantly be in your favour. Mother Nature is unpredictable and untameable but there is one thing you can do in such situations. You can maintain the temperature of your home using a device named thermostat which automatically gets activated when an undesired temperature is reached.

If you are planning to get a thermostat for your home, there are certain things you must know beforehand. Firstly, you must get hold of an HVAC engineer who can install the thermostat for you. Next, you must choose an appropriate thermostat device suitable for your home. There are two types of thermostats which are:


1) Programmable Thermostats

These are manually operated devices where you have to set a particular temperature and also set the heating or cooling cycles. They are usually digital machines which can be programmed as per need. The main advantage of this is that it is cost-effective while the inconvenient interface stripped of remote and voice control leads to its disadvantage.


2) Smart Thermostats

These devices get connected to the internet via your home Wi-Fi and can be controlled remotely using a personal computer or a Smartphone. They have more than one sensor to effectively monitor the temperature of your home and helps maintain a uniform temperature. The advantages are being very convenient and energy efficient. It requires no manual intervention and has the ability to be fine-tuned. Disadvantages being they are quite expensive and has compatibility issues with a house’s present HVAC system.


Before you contact an HVAC engineer London, here are some tips regarding the choice of a thermostat.


Decide between smart or programmable thermostat:

You need to decide whether you want a simple programmable thermostat with less complicated features or a sophisticated smart thermostat that can do the job on its own and making your life hassle-free. The price difference is significant therefore you need to think whether those smart features are essential or if you can live without them. Also, you need to choose according to your colour preference and dimensions.


Keep in mind about your existing HVAC system:

In general, all programmable thermostats do not have any compatibility issues with a particular HVAC system. It is the smart devices you should be concerned about as they have issues regarding compatibility. In case you have separate systems for heating and cooling, you would need at least two thermostats.


Check for compatible wiring:

Programmable thermostats can work with as few two normal low voltage wires while smart devices require a C-wire. It is required to power the wireless connectivity and the display. Depending on the wire you will have to get your thermostat, or in extreme cases, you can change your wiring.

Human body is very sensitive to heat. A minor disturbance in the temperature of your home is potent enough to harm your health. So, maintenance of a proper flow of heat in the home is very necessary for the dwellers. You should wisely choose the right thermostat to serve this purpose. There are manual as well as automatically programmable ones in the market, though HVAC engineer UK recommends the use of automatic and safer ones only.


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