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The bitter cold winter sets in every year and stays for quite some time. This is a difficult phase of time and one must endure it till the spring sets in. The only comfortable place during winter is your own home, where you lay wrapped up in warm clothes. While you feel comfortable, your home takes the brunt of winter’s bitterness. It is therefore your responsibility to take care for your home after spring sets in.

Winter causes significant damage to your house. Therefore, as soon as winter is over, you must find a tradesman London to help you check your home and make necessary repairs to it. This check should be done without any delay as the damage might get aggravated even by pleasant weather situations. Also, your home should be prepared for the next winter. Here are some things you should positively check.

1) The roof and its tiles.

Your roof gets the maximum abuse from winter. Strong wind, rain, ice and snowfall can cause extensive damage to your house. Often tiles go missing too. Therefore, find a tiler who can check for cracks that have set in on the roof, and replace the tiles if necessary.

2) Gutters

The snow causes damage to the gutter and clogs it. Many a times due to this clog the gutters crack. Therefore, you must check if there is any part missing, cracked or broke.

3) Pipes for water supply.

The cold temperatures of winter may freeze the water in the pipes and damage them. It is wise to turn off all external water sources before to prevent this from happening. In case you have not done so, check for leakages and call the plumber.

4) Proper insulation.

Insulation wears off with time and ultimately it fails to give you the desired effect. This indirectly will affect your comfort and electricity bills. You must consult a certified electrician who can help you improve the insulation.

5) Painting and decoration both inside and outside of your house.

Painting and decorations, especially if it is new tend to crack because of the temperature differences. Additionally, the inside and outside temperature mismatch also causes extensive damage. Do check for cracks. You may consider applying weather resistant paints.

6) Salt deposition and damage.

Salt tend to build up which leads to corrosion of different parts of your home. A simple washing can save a lot in the long run.

7) Check windows.

The insulation of your window fades too, giving the sign of condensation. Equip your house with triple glazed windows for better results.

8) Check for damps.

The walls get damped by the moisture. Check for damps and use a dehumidifier wherever necessary. It may also be caused due to a leak, check out for that too.

9) See if the home heats up adequately.

Ideally, the inside temperature of your home in winter should be about 18C-22C. This temperature is not only comfortable but also prevents damps and damages. Ensure that your home maintains such a temperature.

10) Electricity bills and others alike.

If the bills are high, it is time to get new power efficient heating appliances. Additionally, check the other electrical appliances too and settle for power efficient devices and appliances.

Your home takes care of you and keeps you comfortable during winter. Hence you should also take care of your home as the winter passes. It will not only be preparing your home for the next winter, but also reduces the expenditure on maintenance of your home.

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