6 Essential Things To Consider When Designing Your New Bathroom

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While devising new house plans we invest a lot of time and effort in designing the bedrooms, living room, corridors and exteriors but we often neglect the bathrooms. They are as much a part of our house as the other rooms and a new bathroom design goes a long way into increasing the overall attraction and value of your home. Here is a list of 6 essential things you should consider when planning your new design :

1. Basic Blueprint

Before delving into the advanced aspects you should first decide on the basic layout. Consider things like the size of the house, the number of family members and whether you want a simple shower room or a compact all-in-one bathroom. Some are happy with a small one while some prefer spacious ones.  So it all depends on you. Make a list of your requirements before proceeding.

2. Choose A Shower Base

There are three basic options to choose from; polymarble, tiled and shower over bath.  Polymarble is the common trend in modular homes. They are easy to clean, durable, attractive and the best feature is that they can be moulded into various shapes and sizes depending on your wish.  Walk in showers are on trend at the moment and make an attractive feature.  The tiled shower base, on the other hand, gives a smooth tiled look while being extremely durable at the same time. If you are tight for space you can opt for a shower over bath.

3. Plumbing fittings and budget

Work out your budget. The bathroom fitting cost can be quite high depending on which company you approach for the job and the type of layout you choose. But it is important you budget for this and expensive fittings are usually more durable and last longer. Not only do they increase the attraction but also save you from expensive repair costs in the future.

4. Bathroom sink and storage

There are a number of stunning designs to choose from and it easy to get confused. So think about your requirements. Decide whether you need one basin or two, extra storage space, larger drawers, bench top space and other things like if you want it mounted on the wall or sitting on the floor. The designs are important but it is also essential that your needs are met at the same time.

5. Floor and wall tiles

This is probably an important essential aspect providing a grand outlook to the house. Choosing the correct tiles can change the appearance by a huge margin. Simplicity is the key. Do not go for complicated designs. A nice light colour, preferably white, with basic patterns could be enough. The size and finishing are important, so only choose the best for the job.

6. Bathtub

If you have that extra bit of space go for a bathtub! Everyone enjoys a relaxing bath in a tub after a tiring day. There is a wide range of designs to choose from. Some of them even have an inbuilt Jacuzzi system. If you are feeling adventurous then really push the budget out  and get an eye catching top end bath. Bathing will never be the same again!.

So, how much does a new bathroom cost in 2018? Well, the cost can range between £3,000 to more then £15,000 depending on your requirements. Do your homework, choose your budget, decide on a layout and get that beautiful bathroom that will be the envy of everyone. Get Recommended Bathroom Renovation Service at Bag a Builder.

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