Tips for Hiring Temporary Tradesmen for Busy Periods

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Often in your business there comes a time when the number of employees is not sufficient to cope with all the pressure. This is the time when you require more employees to get the job done. While some companies already have a strategy to recruit more staff you might be struggling to find such reliable tradesmen. Let us look at some of the tips and techniques that you can use to hire temporary tradesmen:

1. Describe the job clearly

Write a job description that projects your company in a favourable light. Outline the benefits of working in your business and define the job duties, the payment and the duration of work.  This will help you hire skilled tradesmen instead of dissatisfied, unproductive ones who refuse to work to their potential after a few days. Always include some kind of provisions for long-term work. Based on their seasonal performance, you will see you are getting a greater response.

2. Advertise on social media

With almost every individual carrying a smartphone, social media is the key to your success. Make use of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to advertise your company. Show the world that your business has a positive impact, treats its employees well and stress on the various rewards and luxuries provided to those who perform well. You can put up snapshots of your company and employees at work to further promote the idea. But make sure you are following all the legal guidelines to do so. Consult your legal advisors if required. Social media attracts the young minds so that you are assured of energetic and skillful people at work.

3. Take help of your permanent employees

You can make use of the permanent employees at work. These tradesmen are sure to refer you the best people for the job. The system of referral has been shown to yield more competent tradesmen. Since the permanent employees have a clear idea about the job it is easy for them to find those who are suitable. To make it even more interesting, you can devise a scheme of giving away free gift cards, extra holidays or even a chance of promotion for a successful referral. This kind of strategy will yield more results and help your business in the long run.

4. Arrange a job fair

This is an extremely efficient way to hire a maximum number of people in a short time. With the participation of all the staff, you get to interview a number of people and it is easier to find the right ones for the job quickly. It also keeps your employees interested and boosts their team spirit which will go a long way in future endeavours. It is important to plan ahead of time so that you can avoid wastage of time and money. Tap into social media, put up advertisements on newspapers, roadway hoardings and spread the word of a job fair.

Implement the above strategies and in no time will you have people pooling in for the job. It is important to screen the best ones out among them so that you are left with only the finest people who can prosper your business in a short time.

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