Tips To Get Rid of Drywall Dust during Home Remodelling

Tips To Get Rid of Drywall Dust
Home Improvement & Decoration

House remodelling is a task in itself. It requires time, money, planning and dedication to get that perfect home you so desire. However, even after all these the easing in the process may not be so easy. This is because of all the drywall dust, debris that has piled up in your home. As prevention is always better than cure let us look at some of the ways you can get rid of drywall dust during the renovation.

Cover the floors

It is of utmost importance that you devise a way to protect the floors. You can use non-adhesive, super tough fabric roll with an absorbent vinyl coating. These carpets are highly resilient. They do not slip and their absorbent property simply soaks in all the drops of paint that might fall on the floor apart from taking care of the dust.

Cover the vents with plastic sheeting

The house rebuilding process is cumbersome and it gets very dirty. You do not want any additional source of dust from outside. It is best to block all the vents in your house with plastic sheeting. This will not only prevent outside dust from coming in but also prevent clogging of the ventilation system.

Switch off the central heating

Do not forget to switch off the central heating and air circulation system. During the renovation work, all the drywall dust will be sucked in by the system. This will impair the functioning of the machine in the long run and more than that, it will circulate the accumulated dust throughout your house. So make sure you keep it switched off, clean all the dust and then switch it on.

Wipe the walls with wet cloth

Soak a piece of cloth in water and then squeeze it well. Then slowly mop the drywall of all the rooms from top to bottom. This should be done before paintwork. The dust may not be apparent at this stage but it forms a thin film over the walls. When you start painting, it will dull the colour and it may start to flake. Besides, mopping your walls make the job of cleaning the excess dust later on much easier.

Vacuum Suction

This is a very fundamental yet an effective way to clean the dust. But you cannot use your regular home vacuum cleaner as it will get clogged. Instead, buy a dry vacuum with a good filter especially designed for drywall dust. They are meant for this purpose and do an awesome job of getting rid of the irritating dust remnants that you simply cannot remove by sweeping. Do not forget to attack every nook and corner of the rooms because these are the places people often miss out.

Remove furniture and cover the rest

Remove as many furniture pieces you possibly can and cover the rest with a plastic cloth. This will save your furniture from all the dust and also your home. Dust accumulated on furniture will circulate in the air and cause a nuisance.

Apart from all these, you can take help of some of the best home improvement companies in your area. They are professionals and do a pretty good job of keeping your home clean. Happy dusting!

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