Tips to Install New Dishwasher

Install New Dishwasher
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If you are planning to install a new dishwasher in your kitchen or replacing the old one and if you are doing it for the first time you probably don’t know where to start. You are also worried about damaging either your kitchen or your new machine because you are not a professional.

So here is a list of things you can do to start for plumbing in dishwasher

  • The right tools: Before you start, make sure you have proper tools to complete the job. Equip yourself with everything you need prior to the process. Avoid last moment trips to your nearby hardware stores. For installing a dishwasher you need at least a Voltage Tester, Pliers, Adjustable Wrench, Teflon tapes, Levels and 4-in-1 Screwdriver.
  • Check out some videos: People have learnt how to sing or play instruments by simply watching YouTube videos and they turned out to be pretty good at what they do. Installing a new dishwasher isn’t an art or something needs a lot of dedication. So before starting to install the machine, watch a few videos and see others or some professionals are doing it.
  • Read up the manual: Every machine comes with a user manual and a set of instructions. See what your manufacturer has to say about installing dishwashers. Follow the guidelines religiously and things will get easier for you.

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  • Turn off the water source: This is the first step of every dishwasher plumbing If you already have a dishwasher installed and you try to disconnect it from the water source, you’ll end up flooding your entire kitchen.
  • Mark your work area: You already know where you want to install your dishwasher so just take a drop sheet and cover the work area so that you don’t damage your kitchen floor.
  • Proper positioning of the dishwasher: Clean the area and unwrap your new dishwasher. Slide all the components into the area where you want to install the machine and make sure there is no kink in any of the wires and there is adequate distance between the different component units.
  • Prepare to install the new machine: Once in position, prepare to install the new machine. Sometimes your dishwasher may have specific plumbing requirements like a special air gap fitting it the drain. This is where you may need a professional’s help. Call your local plumber and seek assistance if there are specific requirements for installation.
  • Aluminium wiring: If you are not a professional, having aluminium wiring at home is the only thing that stops you from installing your dishwasher on your own. See if you have dull grey wires instead of the usual orange copper wiring then look for licensed plumbers and seek professional help.

While you can always choose to install your own dishwasher all by yourself but it is always a better option to hire a professional if you never did it before. Minor mistakes can lead to wastage of water and reduction in the capacity of your brand new machine. A professional make sure the installation is watertight and you don’t have to invest your own time into the process while you get guaranteed results.

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