Tips to Maintain Your HVAC System and Increase its Functioning

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HVAC System
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The HVAC unit is what keeps you warm during the winter and cool during summertime. You need to take a good care of the unit so that it can perform well and you can have your peace of mind. You need to learn certain tips from the experts to make the job efficient and easier. You can also bring in an HVAC engineer to get the job done without any hassle.

Tips to maintain your HVAC unit

  • Replacing air filters

This is probably the most important part of the maintenance guide of your HVAC system. The air filters are responsible to keep the internal environment of your home clean. Your filters get jammed with dust and your HVAC unit will start using more power to keep your house cool.

  • Regular cleaning of Condensing unit

The outdoor condensing unit needs to be cleaned too. The exposed parts of the condensing unit needs regular cleaning for unclogging the dirt, grime, and pollen deposited on them. Use a water hose to clean the unit quickly.

  • Cleaning the vents

When you clean your rooms with a vacuum machine, you need to do the same with the vents. It is a little tricky but can be done easily. If you think that the vents need to be thoroughly cleaned then calling in a professional HVAC engineer will be a better idea.

  • Insulation: reduce the load on HVAC system

Insulation might not be the part of your HVAC unit but this is the feature that keeps your walls warm during the chilling winter and cool during the blazing summer. The insulation will block the heat transfer through the walls and reduce the load on your HVAC system. If you are not aware of the specific places needing insulation, you can call an HVAC engineer to get the job done.

  • Thermostat: Save energy

The thermostat will allow you to control the temperature inside your house. Equip it with fresh batteries. As per the expert advice from the HVAC engineer of the UK, you need to set the temperature a little cooler when you are out for work or at night. When you reach home, set the temperature a little higher to make ambient. This method will save an immense amount of energy resulted in the load reduction on the HVAC system.

  • Drain pipe and pan

Remove dirt and overgrown vegetation around the outdoor unit. Trim the bushes near the outdoor unit. You also need to unclog the drainpipe properly. Remove algae or mold formation.

  • Covering the AC unit outdoors

The AC unit installed outside your house needs to be covered when you are not going to use it for an entire season. The accumulation of dust and dirt will reduce to a minimum. In fact, the deposition of snow will harm your AC unit installed outdoors.

Call in a professional

Seek a professional service from HVAC engineer and get all the jobs done in a single attempt. Bring in a licensed expert to check the entire unit, refrigerant level, voltage, faults, etc. Follow the tips to maintain your HVAC unit and increase its durability.

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