Top 10 Things to Consider In a New House Plan

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New House Plan
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People have a lot of dilemma while choosing a house plan. They do not know how to go about it, what type of house builder to choose, which company to trust etc. To make it easier, here are the top 10 things that you should consider in a new house plan:

1. Type of House:

Have you decided on the type of house you want? It is important to decide this first. You have to decide the number of storeys, gardening area or garage space, etc while making a new house plan. These are basics you should consider.

2. Number of Rooms and dimensions:

Be very sure about the number of rooms you need. Among them, make proper planning about the number of bedrooms you require, space for the drawing room, attached bathroom, etc. Ask your builder for a blueprint that is easily understandable. Thoroughly study it, ask any questions on your mind, consult your friends and colleagues who are good at measurements and have a natural acumen for such matters.

3. Location:

You should choose a house plan that suits your daily needs.

  • Ideally, it should have a good network of available public transports. a metro station nearby is really helpful.
  • The marketplace should not be too far away.
  • Preferably, it should be a flood free zone.

4. Provision for extensions:

You might have a desire to add extensions to your house in future. Explain this to your builder so that in future it is easy to do so. Some house plans do not have the necessary provisions and further extension either becomes impossible or extremely costly.

5. Budget:

You also need to think about the economical aspect. Choose a budget and accordingly plan your ideas.  Builders may try to cheat you. So verify the cost of everything from trustworthy sources. You can take help from other sectors. Ask your friends and family regarding the expected price and the usual expenditure that is required to make a new house.

6. Security System:

It is always wise to set up a security system from the start. It might increase your expenditure but then it’s worth it. Carefully plan it out. Apart from good doors with an excellent locking mechanism, install a digital security system if possible.

7. Your own needs:

It is not just the technical aspect of things that are important. Think about your own needs. Some people like seclusion and others prefer making new friends. So make your choice – whether you need neighbours around you or not. Henceforth, choose a strategic location.

8. Research:

Choose your company and dealers wisely. Look for the best deals at the best price.  Look into different house building companies before making a commitment.

9. Consultation:

This is not something you can handle alone. Have a close friend or other family members help you out. Consult them before choosing a particular builder for making your house.

10.Interior design:

An attractive house is always preferred. Choose a good interior design that gives your house a charming look. You will find a lot of options to choose from. So go ahead!

Building a house is a task in itself. It requires time, patience and cooperation. There are many house building companies that offer a variety of deals and options to choose from. Do your homework carefully before starting to build a house.

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