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Plumbing secures and directs the flow of water in various parts of your home or office via pipes, taps, and valves. Valves are the main part of the plumbing system, controlling the flow of water and maintaining the pressure in the system. Valves are introduced to make sure a unidirectional flow of water in the system which basically means that the water goes in the right direction!. If your pipes start unexpectedly leaking then it’s the valves that often come to the rescue and close down the system to stop the potential flooding!.

There are many types of valves used in modern plumbing. Depending on the use and utility of the valves, they are installed in the system to ensure a proper control of the flow of water.  A professional plumber needs to know all about the different types of valves available and below will give you an insight into the knowledge that they would have learned over the years.

Types of valves used in plumbing

In order to learn more about the valves and their functions, plumbing courses are ideal for the enthusiasts but if your don’t have the time then read below for a list of valves used in the process:

  • Gate valves

The gate valves are one of the strongest valves that can easily control the flow of water and handle immense water pressure. It has a wedge or a disc-shaped valve inserted into the system. Gate valves control water flow by raising or lowering the gate, which is generally a piece of metal. The lifting and lowering can be easily done by using a round wheel handle.

  • Globe valves

The globe valves are the ones that use a stopper to stop the flow. The stopper is lowered to restrict the flow. It is not recommended in the full-flow conditions. This type of valve is used in the throttling situations.

  • Stop valves

This type of valves is used to stop the flow of water behind the toilets and sinks in the kitchen. It offers the easiest way to stop the water flow just by turning the wheel. It can use any kind of mechanism such as a globe, ball, gate, etc.

  • Check valves

This is a typical design that allows the flow of water in a single direction. A check valve is installed where the backflow is not an option. Be it a sewer or a water connection, the backflow is stopped by the check valve. The mechanism uses a flapper. It stops the water from flowing in the wrong direction as the flapper is forced into the lumen to stop it.

  • Ball valves

This design deploys a rotating ball inside the valve. A lever handle is attached at the top that rotates the ball. It is ideal for the full-flow necessities. The wearing of the setup is also low and can be used for a long period of time.

  • Butterfly valves

The valve incorporates a disc inside that can be rotated with the aid of a handle at the top. This valve can be used for throttling purpose.

The supreme knowledge about the valves is necessary for the plumbers and to find the best plumbing jobs, one needs to know about the valves in detail.

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