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Everyone has a picture of the home they want to live in – of a place that has all the luxuries and facilities one wishes for. But the only thing that makes it difficult for the dream to turn into reality is one’s budget! While it’s a dream of every middle class individual to own his/her own place, they do have budget constraints and so it’s important to make a few changes, take a few measures to reduce the housing cost without compromising the quality of living and safety.


Cost effective measures:

  • Get your priorities right: Evaluate your needs! One can dream of so many things that one wants but when you have a budget to stick to, you need to restrict yourself only to things you need. Some of the recommended home builders have best house plans that you can look at to get a rough idea of what all you need to have.
  • Planning and architecture: Instead hiring an architect to plan everything looks for alternatives. Seek help from some of the recommended buildersin London or wherever you are as they have some of the best house plans you can choose from. This ensures that your building isn’t architecturally compromised and raw material requirement is optimum.
  • Choose the right raw material: choosing local cement brands, cheaper bricks and pipelines can remarkably decrease your expenses. Locally produced materials are cheaper and mostly have quality at par with most commercially available branded products. They also reduce transport cost. Concrete bricks are cheaper and lighter, so they not only reduce cost they also decrease the amount of iron bars you need to construct a solid and stable structure.
  • Use wood judiciously: Instead of wooden doors use PVC doors for bathrooms, laminated flush doors for every room. Solid and strong wooden doors can be used for the main entrance. But a house made completely of wood is cheaper than a concrete structure.
  • Fireplace is optional: A fireplace brings a rustic look to your home but in modern times, it’s basically not a necessity. Building a fireplace costs a lot and even in the long run, maintaining it needs a lot of effort while in today’s world one can easily opt for thermostats at home.
  • Basic flooring: If you are on a budget, why go for costly flooring? You can just have simple basic flooring and stick to your budget.
  • Cost of land: It is really difficult to find land in the heart of the city these days. So look for safe neighbourhoods where land is cheaper. Also avoid buying low lying land as you ultimately have to fill it with additional soil to elevate and bring to the same level as nearby roads.
  • Postpone decoration: Walls can be painted after a few months or even a year when you have saved up enough money. Plaster the walls properly and they almost look like its painted white.

You need to be judicious about your resources, be prudent about your budget, be realistic and get your priorities right before you start a project and only then you can afford to have a home within budget.


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