Ways to Live Large with Limited Space

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Ways to Live Large
Home Improvement & Decoration

A small and compact home can be converted into a multi-use and versatile living space by using specific home improvement ideas. Using every square foot of your rooms and available space on the walls without cluttering the space is indeed and art and book shops are crammed with the latest home improvement guru telling you how to declutter your life and house!. The trick for coming up with a multifaceted living space is using a few good and proven ideas that will enhance your home and making you feel that your special space is a place to relax and recharge your batteries

Tips to make the most of your compact space at home

Here is the list of best tips that will help you to transform your home into a multifaceted living space for you to enjoy.

1. Bedroom Door backs

The door backs can be utilized by installing racks and hooks. It has been one of the best home improvement ideas for centuries. The space behind the doors can be perfectly utilized to hang dresses, coats, hats, scarves and items you wear daily.

2. Bathroom door backs

You can also make space for towels, robes, mirrors, magazines, utilities, medicines, etc. The same can be done with your bathroom doors. It will really free up space and declutter your bathroom

3. Living room wall mount

This is an innovative technique to use the free space on the walls. You can use wall mount features to hang electronics, lamps, racks, and other home accessories to store things and free up a lot of space. Hanging the television on the wall will also free up a lot of space on the entertainment unit.

4. Bedroom wall mounts

Use the free space on the walls of your bedrooms to install mounts and store books, magazines, and other daily utilities. You can also decorate the room using the mounts on the cabinets or tables.

5. Kitchen wall mount

This technique can be used in the kitchen to mount coffee maker, microwaves, and other appliances to free a lot of counter space.

6. Use a divan

The multi-utility furniture can be used to develop a lot of new space in the rooms. For an instance, using a divan bed provides a lot of space under your bed to store a lot of things such as quilts, blankets, bed sheets, pillows, etc. All these items take a lot of space in the wardrobe. You will be able to free space in the closets.

7. Sofa cum bed

The sofa-cum-bed is an ideal option for those who do not have an extra guest room to spare.

8. Space saving furniture for the living room

Find a foldable space saving table and chair set. You can purchase a Sturdy table that fits in a chair to save a lot of space.

9. Clever kitchen cabinets

The multi-utility cabinets in the kitchen save a lot of space for you. Separate compartments for the different types of kitchen accessories will free ample space in the kitchen.

10.Using the corners

Do not waste the corners of the rooms. Use it for setting a computer or a workstation. You can also install a cabinet above and store your important documents.


The best home improvement companies provide fascinating ideas to enhance your living space. Even if your home is compact, you can easily come up with clutter-free surfaces and spaces.

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