What is the Architect’s Role in Designing a Building?

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Architects are the ones who give shape to your dreams. They understand what you need and animate it so that you can feel your dreams in reality. This is a professional who has a multifaceted role in building your dream home. An architect goes through a detailed curriculum to get trained and certified. There are various types of regulations and standards that are to be maintained while designing the plans for your house.

It is his job to give life to a designated space. It is his adeptness that provides excellent utilization of available space. The functionality of the available space increases when he uses the latest concepts after realizing the requirements of the clients.

What is the role of an architect?

Architecture is a defined art that utilizes scientific facts and theories to design a perfect plan for a designated space where people can eat, live, play, and work. Depending on the necessity of the clients, the allotted space is designed in such a way that the features and utilities can be accommodated easily. The building contractors employ the experienced architects to figure out a perfect plan for the residential and commercial projects

The role of an eminent architect in this industry is mentioned below:

Preliminary stage for designing:

This stage requires an architect with years of experience and knowledge. The architect will develop a preliminary design and show the concept to the client before moving ahead. The basic concept is showcased in the form of rough drawings and sketches. It helps the client to visualize his idea.


In this phase, an architect is responsible to make detailed drawing on paper and to test the design feasibility using CAD and other innovative technologies.  In short, the sketches are converted into proper drawings and designs with detailed dimensions. Changes can be made at this stage according to client’s need and budgetary constraints.

Approval stage:

The designs need to be approved before implementation. When everything is done, the drawings are sent for approval to government authority and then the construction is initiated.

Construction Phase:

During the construction stage, the architect coordinates with the contractors so that the work is done according to the plan. Any kind of issue is solved live, in order to remove the conflicts in the design.

The process goes on until the project is completed. The professional plays an efficient role in the construction team of the building companies until the project is completed.

Post-Construction stage:

After the completion of the project, he is liable to provide solutions regarding the defects for a certain period of time.

If someone searches for the best building contractors near me, there are a number of links from where they can get an efficient architect. Make a list and hire an architect after considering his experience, work, and rate because only a perfectionist is able to do a scheduled and perfect work.

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