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The typical family dynamic is ever-changing, so the layout of the average family’s space is also fluid. Sometimes these families prefer open floor spaces in their home, sometimes separate rooms have opted. These floor plans are of great significance for house renovation.

Before prospective families find a builder, they have to weigh the costs and benefits of separate rooms and open floor plans. The open floor plan brings a modern feel to the design while the separate room plan has a traditional touch and it provide privacy.


Open Floor Plan

Open floor plan essentially means combining rooms to form a single large living space, such as combining the kitchen, dining room and living room.


Pros of Open Floor Plan
  • Open floor plans create an illusion that the area is large, even though in reality it is quite compact. Also, it opens up for healthy family communication. Family members can be in separate areas yet interact easily with each other.Adults can keep an eye out for children easily.
  • Now, there is extra space available for furniture. This space will help accommodate more guests also.So for people who love to host parties, an open floor plan is the best option for them.
  • Fewer walls mean more healthy natural light. Also, open floor plans have a higher resale value than closed floor plans.


Cons of Open Floor Plan
  • Privacy is an issue when it comes to open floor plans.
  • Smell from the kitchen travels faster throughout.
  • For family members trying to concentrate on their work, sound, which also travels easily, can be a problem.
  • Larger spaces are also much more difficult to cool or heat which may lead to higher bills. Also, it will take a lot of time to clean entire large spaces and they may appear messier. There are fewer design options for this type of plan.


Separate Room Plan

Separate Room Plan is the traditional way of designing homes, with rooms separated by walls. It is easy to find a builder in London who is accustomed to this type of design.


Pros of Separate Room Plan
  • Privacy is fully ensured.
  • The sound is less likely to travel through the walls, allowing limiting the sound circulation.
  • There will be more walls available for hanging paintings or any form of decoration. The mess can be controlled more easily as the rooms are now separated.
  • Heating and cooling the rooms are easier because the rooms are compact.


Cons of Separate Room Plan
  • The rooms can appear cramped to people who love space.
  • Communication between family members can be hampered.
  • Less natural light will be there. Also, the resale value is lower than that of open floor spaces.


Both these plans have a lot of advantages and disadvantages. On discussing the pros and cons of the two plans, one has to choose which plan is more suited to one’s taste and then go to find a builder in UK to make their dream house come true.

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