Why Employing CSCS Card Holder is Good for Your Business

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CSCS card holder
Beating Competition

Have you ever thought why all the top construction companies are so adamant on having only CSCS approved tradesmen? Is it really a sound business strategy or just an attempt towards exclusivity? Let’s scratch the surface and dig a little deeper to reach the truth…….

1) You get qualified, healthier and more productive workforce:

CSCS Cards certify that holders are not only skilled and qualified in their trades but also have health-and-safety training to anticipate and minimize casualties on sites. When you exclusively employ CSCS Card holders, you weed out those who are unqualified and thus inefficient. Moreover, by reducing on-site risks and hazards CSCS Card holders make the place safer and healthier to work at – something that is must for a successful construction project.

With healthier site, you don’t lose productive hours to workers’ sickness and injuries while a safer site gives workers one less reason to leave the company and dent productivity: a win-win situation for companies, right?

2) Helps you avoid legal troubles:

On-site accidents put you on the wrong side of the law with severe consequences. It can delay the project or in some cases might even shelve it altogether resulting in massive loss of face and money. Then there are compensations to pay to sick/injured/dead workers. CSCS Card workforce helps you avoid most of the accidents and thus resulting burdens.

 3) Projects get completed – on budget, in time: 

According to a survey by Research Agency Glenigan, as much as 64% of construction projects were completed on budget while a record 40% were over on time in 2015 thanks to the rising adoption of CSCS card by the UK construction industry.

Delay means cost overruns that no company wants to incur while over-budgeted projects is another headache. With one swipe, CSCS Card takes care of both.

 4) Get good press (or avoid bad ones): 

On-site accidents give companies a bad name, while commitment to quality and safety is good publicity. Workforce with CSCS Cards help you take care of both.

5) Gain customer trust:

Whether you are a big builder with hundreds of employees or an independent tradesman with few assistants, customer trust is vital for your business interests. Commitment to CSCS Cards shows commitment to quality and safety in work and customers simply love that. It results in repeat clients and word-of-mouth publicity leading to more business opportunities.

 6) Gives you a competitive edge over others: 

Construction is a very competitive business with cut-throat contest and you must hold an edge to rise over rivals and succeed. Companies that give jobs only to tradesmen with CSCS Card hold an edge over those who don’t.

7) Helps in planning and policy making

CSCS Card helps the government create and maintain a database of people qualified, or going to be qualified, to work in construction industry. These data are analyzed to plan, and implement policies to help construction industry minimize threats and maximize opportunities.

To sum it up, employing a CSCS Card holder is not a legal necessity companies wish they could avoid: to the contrary, it is a revenue generator (or saver, depending on how you see it) companies look to employ and so should you if you are a construction firm.

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