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perfect bachelor pad
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Interior decoration and beautifying the pad aren’t the chores of a bachelor. They rather like their pad to be zizzed up and sort of messy. They say that ‘finding things is very easy when they are around!’ However, this doesn’t imply to most of the bachelors as they want their pad to look extremely well-arranged and beautiful, but they don’t have a choice; they are not aware of interior design and decoration.

1) Ideas to design the interior of a bachelor house:

If you are a young blood and have a little idea about colour, furniture, and style, this journey is going to be easy for you. The ideas go like this.

2) Show off your love for abstract art:

If you love abstract art and a have some die-for picks, then decorate them on your wall. Be it your bedroom or the aisle, decorate all areas with one. It will give a fuller look to the house. You can also take some suggestions from an interior stylist.

3) Decor of the pad:

To make the pad resemble like a bachelor’s, make sure the design is funky and expresses you. Yes, you can decorate the walls with stickers of your sports star, rock star and your inspiration. If you are sports lover, you can even hang a small bicycle miniature on one of the walls. Similarly, if you are a music lover, you can add music components. Isn’t it easy as hell?

4) Let’s organise furniture

Furniture is the basic essence of your pad; it is like the skeleton. Therefore, you should give a prime focus to the design and style of your furniture. In a bachelor pad, you would need a sofa that could become your bed as well. It will be space saving, good for parties and stylish. People will woo you for such stylish and 2-in-1 furniture. After sofa cum bed now comes other things like a TV and a study table. Choose these matching to the sofa you have; basically the colour combination. There are many options available online. But remember that a bachelor’s pad is completely irrelevant without his gadgets and hence, the TV table which you would have enough space for your gadgets, remotes, playstation, etc.

5) Game zone

Being a bachelor not having a game zone, it is quite not acceptable. So, try having space on the pad where you can put all your games like pool table, casino table, etc. Ping-pong table and football table are also superb ideas.

Lastly, if you feel this task out of your league then just find an interior designer in the UK and hand over this task.

6) Lights, please

This isn’t only a bachelor’s pad thing, but common for all spaces- light. Keep an ample amount of lighting in your pad. You can use different options available in the market like LED lamps, recessed lights, disco lights and blue lights. You can play and pause them according to your mood.

For those bachelors, who want a spike change in the interior and design of their house, these are some quick and easy ideas for a perfect bachelor pad. Following these ideas, your other bachelor friends will be jealous of you to have such a beautiful pad.

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