Recommended Tradesmen

Qualified profile tips

Employers – homeowner or construction firm – hire the person they see in your profile. The better your profile appears, greater the interest you’d generate. Follow these profile tips to maximize your reach and revenue.

Show what you do

The first thing a customer looks for is “do you do the work I require”? Make it clear upfront who you are, what areas you cover, and the types of work you carry out. Customers will quickly move on to the next profile the moment they realize you don’t have what they want.

Let the profile picture show what you do

A picture can express what words never can. Add photos of you doing a task, or going to perform one. Make sure the image is clear, detailed and professional looking.

Keep your profile up to date:

Keep updating your profile with new-found achievements, qualifications and ratings/feedback once every few months. It does not take long. The recent the profile picture, the better. Updates show that you are an active tradesman who is consistently achieving good ratings and having happy customers.

Get customers to give you feedbacks

We have a system in place allowing customers to rate your work and give feedback. Higher the ratings, more the job offers, better the pay!