Get Ready to See More of Offsite Manufacturing Beginning 2018

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Get ready for more offsite manufacturing beginning 2019
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As part of the Budget, the Treasury said the government would use its purchasing power to drive modern methods of construction across capital projects in areas such as education, transport, defence and health.

The industry has broadly welcomed the news. Cast Consultancy CEO Mark Farmer took to Twitter to laud the decision as “extremely significant”, adding that it showed the government had “listened to the call for leadership of the construction modernisation challenge.”

The document said: “Building on progress made to date, the Department for Transport, the Department of Health, the Department for Education, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Defence will adopt a presumption in favour of offsite construction by 2020 across suitable capital programmes, where it represents best value for money.”

The Budget documents also revealed that the government will hand construction £170m as part of a “sector deal” to fund innovation and research and development to boost productivity in the sector.

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