How to Become a Crane Operator

How to Become a Crane Operator
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Crane drivers control a crane machine to lift up and transport heavy products and materials in construction sites, and other building areas. A crane driver usually requires some degrees and qualifications with which he can apply for the job of crane operation.

A crane operator’s job pivots around these conditions and purposes:

  • Qualifications required for becoming a crane operator: a crane operator should most importantly have knowledge and understanding of working in construction sites and working with weighty machines. He should also have a construction plant competence scheme card which is valid. In addition to this he should have job training in plant operations. Based on the requirement if he is to drive moving cranes on free civic roads, he should have a C1 or C LGV license. A crane driver requires 4GCSEs as well as maths and English to apply for the job.
  • Skills required for becoming a crane driver: a crane driver should have the eye for details; he should be able to work for a long duration of time alone without getting bored. As in the other professions, communication is a necessity, so is it required for a crane driver. He should be able to work supplely and should be proficient in team working capability.
  • A crane operator has a number of tasks to fulfil: He is to see the safe movement of heavy goods from one place to another as required. He should also keep track and record of the goods that he transports. A crane driver is expected to be at ease in controlling all types of cranes; mobile, overhead crane and tower crane. He is to sit in the crane and operate it by the controls. The other workers in the construction site who are on foot give instructions to the crane operator as to what is to be moved and where it is to be moved. He also has to set up cranes and to perform the security check. He should be able to check the antennas determining the wind velocity, the weight of the load to be lifted and carried, and the crane solidity. He should be able to repair small parts of the machinery and if he finds a problem he should report into the crane supervisor. A crane operator can also be required to work in mines and quarries.
  • Crane operator jobs have a tedious work schedule which requires a minimum of 35-40 hours of work daily. Also, they have to work alone, having no company. And if the deadlines are close with a lot of work pending then they have to do extra time. When working in a tower crane, he has to remain in great heights for a long time, and when working in a mobile crane, he has to travel from one construction site to another.
  • With sufficient experience and diploma in lifting operations, a crane operator can become a crane supervisor. And with more experience, he can become a site manager.

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